I’m Linae, the writer of this blog.  I live in the mountains of Idaho with my husband and three kids.  Bryson is 17, Aleeya is 13, and Macy is 9. I am a Christian and a bible-believer.

I love being at home, spending time with my family, I love quilting and crocheting and crafting in general.  I love watching movies and reading blogs.  My biggest hobby is definitely photography.  I love taking pictures (of my kids mostly) and almost have my camera with me.

I am fairly new at blogging and I love it so far.  I really enjoy “meeting” new people through my blog.

See the pictures below?  I really am blessed that God has given me these little people.  It has been a joy to mother them (usually :).  I will be eternally grateful to Him for these blessings.

102_8649 102_8655 DSC_0010 - Copy DSC_0070 - Copy DSC_0161 - Copy DSC_0165 - Copy DSC_0312 - Copy DSC_0332 DSC_0367 (2) mday1 mday2 wa5


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