I’m back…

Ok, so it’s clearly been a long while since  I’ve written any blog posts.  To be quite honest, I’ve been having a hard time.  And until the Good Lord calls me home to Glory Land to spend eternity with Him, I will continue to have hard times so I might as well blog anyway, right?  Right.

A lot has been going on the past couple of months.  I’ve uploaded some pictures from my phone to post…and it may seem like a lot of pictures, it’s really just a small percentage of the pictures I have taken over the past couple months.

We had a nice Christmas.  Macy was in a Christmas play at our church.  She’s quite the performer, that girl.  I did take some pictures with my “real” camera but this is all I got with my phone (it’s the background set of the play).

20140217-124025.jpg 20140217-123954.jpg

Next up is Christmas.  Again, I have lots more (and good) pictures that are on my camera that I WILL one day upload to my blog.  I love the pictures of Christmas morning.  There’s nothing I love more than Christmas morning.  The gifts, the Christmas tree lights, the excitement of the kids, celebrating Jesus’ birth..I love it all!

20140217-121531.jpg 20140217-122921.jpg

We played the game Headbandz on Christmas….great family game!

20140217-121708.jpg 20140217-121654.jpg 20140217-121639.jpg 20140217-121624.jpg 20140217-121605.jpg

Macy Jo turned 10 on January 1st!  How on earth is my baby 10???  Aleeya and I took her swimming on her actual birthday and she had a party a few days later with some friends.  It was great…until one of her friends threw up on the kitchen floor at 4:00 am….that part wasn’t fun.

20140217-121856.jpg 20140217-121913.jpg 20140217-121931.jpg

20140217-121815.jpg 20140217-121803.jpg 20140217-121725.jpg

In the past couple of months we’ve had a lot of silly moments at home just hanging out….

20140217-122809.jpg 20140217-122740.jpg 20140217-122415.jpg 20140217-122211.jpg 20140217-122153.jpg 20140217-122127.jpg 20140217-122029.jpg 20140217-122011.jpg 20140217-121946.jpg 20140217-121830.jpg

A highlight of mine was my brother, Ian, coming to visit and staying a couple weeks with us.  He’s the funnest guy you’ll meet and it was so very refreshing to have him here with us.  I looked forward to coming home from work every day so I could hang with Ian.  Just what I needed since I miss my family so terribly.

20140217-122355.jpg 20140217-122339.jpg 20140217-122255.jpg 20140217-122228.jpg

There was some hanging out with friends during the past couple months and a lot of hanging out with our family.

20140217-122327.jpg 20140217-122310.jpg 20140217-122239.jpg 20140217-122139.jpg 20140217-121458.jpg 20140217-121438.jpg

There was some basketball and some hair curling…

20140217-123116.jpg 20140217-121333.jpg 20131219-131014.jpg 20140217-122040.jpg 20140217-122543.jpg

There were some HUGE flakes of snow…8 deer passing by on the street and Valentine’s Day…

20140217-122611.jpg 20140217-122556.jpg 20140217-122448.jpg 20140217-122431.jpg

More silliness…cake pops…and a trip to the dentist for a crown (poor Linae)….

20140217-122100.jpg 20140217-121358.jpg 20140217-121344.jpg 20140217-122711.jpg

There was an 8th grade winter formal…a beautiful scarf Aleeya bought me with her own money…and a sweater purchased so I could have one like my friend, Merry (HI MERRY!  I bought a pretty bird sweater on Modcloth, too!).

20140217-123055.jpg 20140217-123037.jpg 20140217-123016.jpg 20140217-122955.jpg 20140217-122638.jpg 20140217-121415.jpg

Ok…for now I guess that’s all our news.

For some reason I only have two pictures of Bryson on here…one with a silly Headbandz game on his head and the other with a “fat face” and a mustache.  Girls are MUCH easier to take pictures of because they actually like it!


One thought on “I’m back…

  1. Oh my friend I’m so glad to see you back! You’ve been on my heart so much these past few months! I don’t know all your problems but our Heavenly Father sure does, and I have been taking you to his throne in prayer. Love you so much! And your sweater looks darling on you!

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