My first 5K

I’m not kidding when I say it’s been FREEZING here!  The kind of cold that makes you cough when you breathe in real hard through your mouth.  The kids at the elementary school have had to have indoor recess for a few days because it’s too cold to go outside….and these kids go out in very cold temps and snow usually.  I wish it would snow, a bunch.  The snow would actually warm things up so I’m all for it at this point.

20131209-061042.jpg 20131209-061021.jpg

Negative 11 degrees.  I wasn’t kidding, it’s been COLD!

Since my sister and I have committed to each other to run a half marathon together next October, I figured I should see how far I could actually run at this point.  I know I don’t need to start my actual “training” yet since it’s so far away, but I do know I need to be able to run/jog at least 3 miles before I can even think about finding a training program to get prepared for a half marathon.  Let me preface this with I’ve NEVER been a runner.  I despised running, and still do a little.  The farthest I’ve ever run is one mile and that’s been twice in my adult life, and I thought I might die both times.  I’ve been working out very consistently since October 1st and I’ve been doing  a lot of treadmill workouts where I walk and then jog, walk and then jog, etc. without paying attention to how long or far my jogging was.  I’ve been doing the bicycle, elliptical and even stair climber.  And I’ve been enjoying cardio….for the first time ever really.  I’ve been feeling stronger and in much better shape than when I started and I know that helps a lot.  So yesterday I thought I’d go and get on the treadmill and not stop until I reached 3.1 miles and see how long it took.  To my surprise, I jogged the entire first mile and felt ok the entire time.  I was gong SLOW, mind you, I set the treadmill to just 4.7.  BUT, it was still jogging.  I stopped after one mile for about .10 mile and then jogged again until 1.5 miles and walked again for like .05 miles and then went another half mile, etc. until the end.  I finished in 41.58, which is so not impressive for anyone other than me.  I only walked .25 total miles in all of it and I felt like a rock star after.  I was going to try to work on beating that time but I think I’ll actually just work on going farther and farther and not worry about speed, since I have to work up to 13.1 miles, I’ve got a LONG ways to go!

20131209-061148.jpg 20131209-061126.jpg

When I came home from the gym I wanted to do something Christmasy and festive with the family.  We all agreed on making muddy buddies and making gingerbread houses.  It was really fun. All five of us did it together and we had a great time!  We may not be artists, but it was great family time 🙂

20131209-061523.jpg 20131209-061259.jpg 20131209-061236.jpg 20131209-061219.jpg 20131209-061204.jpg

I love looking through my phone and seeing the pictures that the girls take of themselves.  It’s usually Macy taking all sorts of pictures, but I found these cute ones Aleeya and Macy took together while David and I were out to dinner last night.

20131209-061440.jpg 20131209-061419.jpg 20131209-061355.jpg

Such cute girls!!!


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