Christmas Tree

What a lazy weekend we had here.  I’m not complaining.  I love having absolutely nothing to do on my days off.

I met a friend at the gym on Saturday and the girls wanted to come with me.  I ended up doing 60 minutes on the various cardio machines.  Aleeya stayed on the treadmill the entire time, mostly walking with a little bit of jogging.  Macy sat on the bike  and watched tv for a while and then she also got on a treadmill.  Since she broke her arm at this very gym on machines, we are all leery of her using any machine, but I let her walk very, very slowly on the treadmill.

20131202-060548.jpg 20131202-060605.jpg

We went out and got our Christmas tree on Saturday.  I will have to upload some pictures from my real camera, it was so gorgeous out where we were went with the snow and all.  For now, these pictures will have to do.  The girls are always great for taking pictures but the boys, uh, not so much.  I literally have to snap a picture of Bryson as he is walking by when he doesn’t even know that I’m taking his picture.  Brat.

20131202-060727.jpg 20131202-060638.jpg 20131202-060701.jpg 20131202-060747.jpg 20131202-060816.jpg

And here’s a picture of our tree.  I’m too lazy to get up and take a picture from a better angle, so this will have to do 🙂


The other day I walked into Macy’s room and she had completely surrounded herself with her books.



Why is she so cute?  Just look at her little face.

So it’s now December.  I’ve been working out steadily and consistently since October 1st.  I feel stronger and feel much better when I am working out, I can definitely do more cardio before I feel like I’m dying.  But my weight hasn’t changed much.  Only a few pounds.  So I think it’s time to watch what I eat…duh!  I’m going to start weight watchers again today.  If you know me, you know I’ve started weight watchers 14 million times.  I know the program inside and out, and even though I haven’t done a good job sticking to it, I do believe it’s an excellent program.  As I’ve heard many Weight Watcher people say, “The program works if you work the program.”  Here’s to day 1…again.


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