Fitness Friday

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I’m 37 today.  It’s been a great day so far.  I took the day off work and spent the day at home…alone.  It was wonderful.  I did go to the gym right after I brought the kids to school and did a 30 treadmill workout.  I didn’t work my very hardest but I did burn 260 calories.

I thought I’d start a Fitness Friday post every Friday and give a break down of my workouts for the week.  I’m thinking it will help give me accountability.  And it will be nice to look back and see my progress.

I did workout four times this week:

Saturday: Treadmill walk/jog, 30 minutes, burned 250 calories.

Sunday:  Upper body strength training.

Monday:  Treadmill walk / jog, 30 minutes, burned 275 calories

Wednesday: Treadmill walk / jog, 30 minutes, burned 300 calories

Friday: Treadmill walk / jog, 30 minutes, burned 260 calories.

I worked on increasing my calories burned (not today thought) and did that by increasing the amount of jogging time and increasing the incline during my workout.  I really like to see how many calories I’ve burned.  And it gives me a good goal to work toward each time.



Some progress pictures.  I’ve only lost 6 pounds since October 1st but I do feel smaller.  And my “skinny” jeans are now fitting.  They are still tight but they are wearable in public.

It was freezing cold today and that made it hard to get out and go to the gym.  I was glad I did though and the scenery outside was gorgeous with the sun shining on the snow!

20131122-163635.jpg 20131122-163622.jpg 20131122-163608.jpg

Yesterday my work threw me a little birthday party.  I was surprised as I’m usually the one who does the birthday stuff.  The girl who did it all knows I’m watching what I’m eating so she brought in veggies and fruit instead of cake.  I was thankful for that 🙂



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