Cara box


Today is the Cara Box reveal and link up day with wifessionals.  This was my second time around participating in the Cara Box exchange.  You sign up over at and she pairs you with matches.  You get two partners, one lady to send fun stuff to and one lady to send you a box of fun stuff.  You email for a while back and forth and get to know each other.  This time around the theme was Fall.  And I love fall, so I was excited for this one.

I got paired up with two wonderful ladies. Liz is the one who sent me my package.  I enjoyed emailing her and getting to know her a little.  She seems like a very sweet lady and I will continue to email her and keep in touch.  She sent me such a wonderful package of goodies.  I couldn’t have picked any better myself!

Here’s what she included in my box….





The kids, of course, were excited about the packages of hot cocoa!  They are really good.  And how did Liz know I needed a sign in my house with that exact saying?  Everything was fabulous.  Thank you so much, Liz!!

I was also paired with Kyetra who blogs over at Sweet Tea and Lollipops.  I really enjoyed emailing her and got to know her quite a bit. I will for sure continue to email and will keep stalking her blog for new book reviews, etc.  Oh, and her son is darling!!  I had so much fun putting together her box!

I will be signing up again for the next round of Cara Box exchanges!  I love meeting new people and other bloggers.  I have made what I know will be a life long friend, Merry, through this Cara Box exchange thing and I am so thankful.  She has two beautiful daughters who have become my own daughters’ pen pals.  I never would have gotten to know these ladies if it wasn’t for Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals, so thank you so much!!




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