Thursday Thoughts


I like Thursday Thoughts linkup with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom so I think I’ll do it again today 🙂

Last night was Bryson’s soccer award banquet.  I LOVE going to these kinds of things for my kids.  I did take pictures on my “real” camera and haven’t uploaded them so those will come later.  Bryson’s coach always does an awesome job.  He talks about each individual player and as always, said beautiful things about Bryson.  He also got a cool framed picture of him playing, a long sleeve under armor type shirt with his name on the back, a beanie hat with his name on it and the coolest thing…he won “defensive player of the year” so he got an award for that.  Bryson is an extremely aggressive sports player, and it always makes me very nervous, but his coach loves it and he really helped his team out.  He was the sweeper (which I knew nothing about until he started playing soccer a few years ago!).  I was one proud mama.

Even though I just had my marathon cooking day a couple weekends ago, I’m already starting to come up with my December list of meals.  I’m sure there will be some repeats. I should take pictures of the meals as we eat them and review them.  Maybe next month?

My birthday is next Friday and I’m taking the day off of work.  I’m going to take the kids to school and come home and get back into my pajamas and get back into bed. Then I might watch a movie or two, maybe read, maybe nap.  I am not going to go anywhere and I’m not going to do any chores.  And I can not wait.  It can’t come quite fast enough.

I got some ribbon last weekend when I went to Boise and I am planning on making some of those no-slip headbands.  You know, the ones people wear when they are working out?  They are real cute and apparently a lot of people are making and selling them.  I have a few designs and I’m going to try them out on me and my girls and if they work out well, who knows, maybe I’ll try to sell some?  I’m itching to sew something and this might be a nice little project to work on.

A couple years ago we did a “financial fast” for 21 days.  We only bought the absolute necessities.  I’m talking absolute necessities.  Like food, gas, and toilet paper.  And even at the grocery store I was very frugal for those 21 days.  I’m thinking about doing it again starting January 1st.  That’s always a good time to do something like that.  It seems like all through November and December we are eating junk, buying stuff, etc. that a period of time without all that actually seems relieving.



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