So What Wednesday


Another So What Wednesday linkup with Life After I Dew.

This is what I’m saying SO WHAT to this week:

– That I left work in tears yesterday after a customer was extremely rude to me for about 15 minutes.  I have to say, in 6 1/2 years of working there it’s the first time I’ve actually been treated that way.  But it doesn’t matter how rare, it was terrible and I hated it.

-That I don’t even want to go back to work today because of the rudeness of yesterday’s customer

-That I told my girls I’d pull an “all-nighter” with them on Friday night.  Um, I haven’t stayed up all night since I was a kid and even then only did it once.  Oh, and the time my nephew was born, I stayed up all night with my sister that night.

-That I’m really excited it’s basketball season.  I love watching my kids play sports and this year is Bryson’s last year so it will make the games seem even more exciting to me.

-That our doorknob feel off the door a few minutes ago when David shut the door when he left for work.  It just rolled right onto the floor.  Luckily I work with locksmiths!

-That I have the itch for a new career but live somewhere where there’s no opportunities to go to any sort of school.  Maybe I’ll check into some online degrees and see what I can come up with?

-That my mom spent 8 hours (literally!) at Ikea the other day and I spent the whole day wishing I was with her.

-That I haven’t really lost any more weight but keep working out just about every day.  My jeans are fitting better but I keep waiting for the scale to go down.  I guess it’s the new muscle, right?

-That I’ve been drinking diet coke again.  I was off it for a long time because, well it’s crap food, and because it usually gives me a headache.  For some reason it isn’t this time (yet) and a nice cold diet coke during my work day is as good as any snack and makes me happy.

-That I was ready for summer to be over and ready for cold weather and now I’ve changed my mind.  I’m not ready for the freezing cold!

-I always get a bit of anxiety over the snow that is to come.  Maybe 6 feet of snow will do that to a person?



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