Things I want

There’s no reason for this post…except to talk abut the things I want right now.  I don’t generally have a large “want” list and I am content with what I have (usually) but sometimes it’s fun to think about what I would buy if I could go on a shopping spree and spend freely.  Frivolously even.  Maybe because it’s almost my birthday..and getting close to Christmas, but for whatever reason, I thought I’d share with you what I have my eye on..even though I probably won’t ever buy most of these things.

I was at Starbucks the other day with my friend and saw this advent calendar.  It’s $29.99 at Starbucks and I really want it.  It’s an advent calendar!  There’s caramels in the tins and it’s a reusable board, and there’s even a $5 Starbucks gift card in it.


I’ve always wanted a pair of Uggs.  And I want these ones.  Size 8 1/2 please.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of diamond earrings.  And I want some.  Just some nice simple ones like these…


I don’t really run, per se, but I do workout a lot…like almost every day.  And I do a LITTLE bit of jogging on the treadmill and I’m on the elliptical some also, so it would be nice to have a pair of these Brooks.  I hear they are fabulous running shoes.  And who knows, maybe if I put them on I’ll suddenly be a runner?  It’s worth a try I think 🙂


Another thing I would love is a Garmin watch that will tell me how many calories I burned during my workout. I really want this, or one similar.  This is what I asked David for for my birthday.


Since it feels like I live in Antarctica when I wake up every morning, I would love to have a nice warm robe to put on after my shower, or even just over my pajamas.  My mom always wore a robe and it just seems so comfortable.  I don’t ever recall having a robe and I want one.  And I would like to please be young and thin when I wear the robe like the girl in the picture.


I want this perfume. I got a sample in a birchbox a few months ago and I really loved it a lot.  And look how beautiful the bottle is.


I’ve wanted a KitchenAid mixer for a very long time.  And why wouldn’t I want this pink one?  This is one of my top wants for sure!


Have you ever smelled Zents Sun lotion or perfume?  Or soap or candle?  Oh my goodness.  It is one of my favorite scents in all the land.  I asked for some lotion last year and David, as usual, listened and delivered.  He’s a great gift-giver (I sure hope you are reading this blog post, David).  Anyway, I had the lotion for a while and then left it at my mom’s when I visited!  I was so mad. She said she would send it to me but we have both forgotten.  I think I’ll go ahead and call her now and ask for it.


What’s on your list of wants?




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