Weekend with a friend

I got to spend part of the weekend with my friend.  One on one time with no kids and no husbands.  We drove to Boise and stayed in a hotel.  We went shopping (mostly window shopping) and went to dinner.  The next day we visited her college age daughters for a while and then ran more errands, did more shopping, and went to lunch…and coffee.  And then ice cream and more coffee 🙂

I only took two pictures for some reason??  We went to Kohl’s and had fun trying on hats.  And at WalMart we picked up a ridiculous amount of candy and went back to the hotel and ate some.  I brought all the rest home to my kids who were overjoyed by it!

20131111-110706.jpg 20131111-110722.jpg

I had never had gingerbread M & M’s but they were super good.  And my most favorite holiday candy is the candy cane Hershey’s Kisses.  So yummy!

Aleeya had a couple friends stay the night so I had a crowd of kids with me at church.  David didn’t go with us, he went to the ski swap.  He bought himself some new skis, Macy some ski boots and a jacket and he bought me a nice North Face coat and a a pair of ski pants….now I will have no excuse to not go skiing this year.  I was going to use the “but I don’t have any ski pants so I can’t go” excuse because I got rid of them when we moved in September. I think he knew that might be an excuse so he quickly fixed that.


20131111-110743.jpg 20131111-110807.jpg

Bryson is totally photo bombing this picture and he looks a bit creepy in the window.

We saw a giant buck by our house.  I tried to get a better picture but didn’t get my phone out in time to take one when he was right in front of our car.




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