Friday iPhone Dump


Friday iPhone Dump link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

This was an eventful week, for sure.

Aleeya got her braces yesterday!  She’s feeling sore today but she is glad to have them on so she can have straight teeth….in about a year.  I took the funniest picture I’ve ever taken I think of her in the dentist chair with the “lip stretchers” on.  Poor girl, it did not look comfortable, but how on earth could I possibly resist this picture??  I need leverage one day….a bribe of sorts…and this will do just the trick 🙂



Immediately after the braces were put on, we headed to her school for her conference.  The middle school does “student led conferences” where, well, the student leads the whole thing.  She had a packet of a lot of sample work and it was fun to see what she’s been learning.  They even fed the families dinner.  And Aleeya is quickly turning into a kid who does not want me to take her picture 😦

She wrote us a thank you for going to her conference.  I don’t know if you can read this at all but it is hilarious.  She is goofy and silly and I love it.  She addressed it to “Mumzypoo and David” instead of Mom and Dad.


So, what is up with No Shave November?  Has that always been a thing?  Or is it just in Idaho?  Either way, Bryson says he’s not shaving for all of November.  I’m not sure what his basketball coach will think of this?  And how can a 17-year-old grow so much facial hair?  Oh well, he’s the most handsome ever so he can pull it off!


And the pre-basketball season practices have started.  That leaves the girls and I (and Lola, the cat) plenty of girl time to hang out and do what ever we want 🙂

20131108-062856.jpg 20131108-062831.jpg


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