So What Wednesday


Linking up with Life After I Dew for another So What Wednesday Post.

Here’s what I’m saying so what to this week…

– That I have the cutest little 9 year old on the face of the planet.  Macy got her cast on the other day and chose a hot pink one.  No surprise there.  She was so sweet at the doctors office and hasn’t even complained about this broken arm…yet.






It was FREEZING here yesterday.  I mean full on winter freezing.  When I got up yesterday it was 16 degrees out!  It warmed up a bit during the day but it snowed all day long.


So what that my car already has icicles all over it…and it was only November 5!



That Aleeya’s team lost their first basketball game 5 to 21 yesterday.  So what….they had fun and I love watching her play.




So what that I can’t help Aleeya with her 8th grade math.  It’s so hard.  I have never been good at algebra.  She’s not very impressed that I can’t help her much with it 😦


So what that this parking lot looks like a scene from late December, not early November.



And so what if I was looking forward to working out last night just so I could warm up.  My bones were cold all day long yesterday until I worked out right before bed!

And a big so what to the fact that I’m too old to master the art of selfies.  I’m ok with that because I think it’s ridiculous to see ladies my age with a gazillion selfies all over the place.  So there.




8 thoughts on “So What Wednesday

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m still fairly new to blogging but love it and love “meeting” new people. I live in Idaho, right in the mountains. It’s gorgeous here but cold and snowy for many months. I’ll stop by your blog 🙂

  1. So sorry about your daughters arm! She is adorable though =) I am a new follower, so glad I found your blog. Come check me out at

  2. I’m so sorry about your girls arm!
    We do have a lot in common! Our kids ages and our inability to selfie! I suck at selfies! (I always say it’s bc I’m too old, too)!!

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