Not an ideal Halloween…

Poor Macy Jo didn’t have a very fun Halloween yesterday.  She was excited for Halloween for over a month and tried on her old lady costume many, many times just waiting for the 31st to finally get here….it turned out to be a bad day.  Here’s how it all went down…

First of all (and totally unrelated to the broken arm story) it snowed yesterday.  It’s still pretty early for snow here and it was kind of exciting.  KIND of.


Immediately after Macy was done with school we headed over to the gym to workout with my friend.  Here’s a pretty view of the fall leaves at the gym door.

20131101-121705.jpg 20131101-121641.jpg

We did our workout.  We complained.  We moaned.  We did NOT want to be there, but we did it.  Well, we did half of the workout anyway.  It was legs day and OMG, seriously, it was killer hard and I don’t think my body would even be able to do the whole thing.  Anyway, right as we were getting ready to leave, Macy go on one of the elliptical machines.  Now, Macy is always super quiet and mellow at the gym and behaves beautifully.  She either watches tv or reads her book. She was not getting all obnoxious climbing all over the machines or anything, she just calmly stepped on and started going.  She was only on it for less than a minute when the automatic arm part (I don’t know how to explain that thing but you know, the part that you move with your arms and it goes automatically….so it’s more of a running motion??) came back and kind of jammed, or pinned, her arm really hard.  She didn’t even tell me at first, she just walked in to the bathroom to try to “shake it off” but when she realized that it hurt so bad, she had to cry.  Poor girl.  She said “it hurts more than anything has ever hurt” between sobs.  She didn’t scream or throw a fit, she just quietly cried for a while.  I could tell it was really hurting her.  We went home and had a little snuggle by the fireplace and when I looked at her wrist a few minutes later I could tell it wasn’t right.  I figured it was probably broken.  So off to the clinic, then to the hospital for xrays, then back to the clinic we went.  Yep, it’s fractured.  She has a splint until the swelling goes down and then she’ll have a cast for a month.  Totally ruined our Halloween.

20131101-121826.jpg 20131101-121849.jpg 20131101-121915.jpg 20131101-121936.jpg

So as everyone is posting pictures of the kids out trick-or-treating, this was how we spent out Halloween…

20131101-121956.jpg 20131101-122446.jpg 20131101-122507.jpg 20131101-122613.jpg

Our friends stopped by with a bag of candy, card, and stuffed animal for Macy.  So nice.  Thanks Crystal!!!

20131101-122711.jpg 20131101-122652.jpg

Hoping next year will be better 😦


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