Thursday Thoughts


Time for another link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for a Thursday Thoughts post.

So it’s snowing today.  And sticking.  On Halloween.  I’m sure it won’t actually snow all day but still….trick-or-treating will be COLD tonight!


Macy’s class is going on a field trip today to an old town nearby.  The kids are dressing like pioneers and will be spending the day there.  I think it’s a cool field trip but Macy had to dress up like a pioneer today and they are not having a Halloween party since they will be gone.  I could have volunteered to go with them but I would have had to take a whole day off work. If they had a Halloween party I could have left work for a while to go and help out.  And the kids had to come up with two costumes…one for pioneer day and one for Halloween.  Oh well, she makes a cute pioneer if I do say so.  We had to use what we had for her outfit but it worked and she was happy with it.

20131031-100831.jpg 20131031-100850.jpg

Yesterday was crazy hair day at Macy’s school.  We did one of those hair bows…where the bow is made out of your own hair.  She loved it. It was so cute.  The pictures don’t do it justice, though.

20131031-100913.jpg 20131031-100941.jpg

I’ve finally decided on my meals for my big huge cooking marathon I’m doing on Saturday.  I’ve come up with 30 ish meals.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:




taco soup

pot roast

biscuits and gravy

bbq meatballs

pinto beans and rice

birds nest pie

layered tex-mex casserole

Mexican stuffed shells

yoshida chicken

French toast sticks

sweet salsa dump chicken

pizza spirals

crockpot black bean salsa chicken

baked ziti


Sicilian casserole

farmers casserole

crockpot mac-n-cheese

black eye pea soup

refried bean and cheese burritos

chicken enchiladas

chicken spaghetti

A couple of those are going to be after school snacks (the burritos and pizza spirals) and some recipes I will double, like the spaghetti and tacos.  I’ve compiled my grocery list (which took FOREVER by the way).  Today I’ll be checking the grocery stores for any about-to-expire meat on sale that I can use and I’ll be checking things off my grocery list that I already have on hand.  I purchased some freezer containers and Ziploc freezer bags on Amazon and they arrived the other day so I’m all set.  It’s been a while since I’ve done such a big cooking day and I’m kind of excited.   I’ll do the grocery shopping on Friday and the cooking will start Saturday morning.  I’m going to have Aleeya and Macy help but the boys won’t be allowed in the kitchen all day 🙂

Happy Halloween!!


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