Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer Phase 2 Starts

Oh my…I’m feeling a bit nervous.  Today is the first day of Jamie Eason Live Fit program phase 2.  Why is phase two different, you might ask?  Well, the strength workouts are different.  Which I actually like, I get bored of the same thing so I like to mix it up a little and her program is awesome for that.  But, the main reason phase two is different is because it is now time to introduce cardio back in.  That’s right, the first four full weeks were just weight lifting days and now we hit the cardio.

Phase 1 starts with working out four days a week and then increases to five.  Now, for phase 2, we work out six times a week and four of them we do cardio.  So, we will do our strength work out AND THEN cardio for 30 minutes at the end.  She says to do the elliptical (or treadmill for that matter) at medium intensity for 30 minutes.  The cardio gets way more intense down the road but I can’t be worried about that yet.  One thing at a time.  Now I just have to figure out what medium intensity actually is for me.

I have lost six pounds in phase one.  I do feel stronger.  I actually feel like some of my body parts are bigger than when I started.  That’s not really what i was going for…clearly I want to be smaller.  But I will trust the process and be thankful for some new muscle.  Afterall, having muscle means I can eat more, right?  Muscle turns food into energy so the more muscle I have, the more I can eat.  That’s a good plan for me 🙂

I really should figure out how to try to make myself look cute when I take pictures of myself.  Perhaps I’m too old to master the art of selfies??  Anyway, I can see a difference in myself from day 1 to the end of week 4.  Actually, the picture on the right was taken more toward the beginning of week 4.  Next update I’ll try to look better, I promise.


I’m pretty sure I’d see more progress if I didn’t finish my workout with a huge plate of these nachos….


And no, I did not eat all of that.  Only half 🙂

Other happenings in my life….Aleeya went to a halloween party on Saturday.  At a boy’s house.  Mmm hmmm, at a boy’s.  I’m not so sure I’m ready for this co-ed partying.  My friend dropped the girls off and I picked them up.  They were excited and chatty and super bubbly on the way home and I can tell they had a great time.  Why is she getting so big?  WHY??

She does make a really cute cat, though. This was the very last minute throw-it-together costume.  And it totally worked.

20131028-053725.jpg 20131028-053845.jpg

Aleeya wasn’t super confident in my whisker drawing abilities and she didn’t want to show up “looking like a dork” so I practiced on Macy…who was overjoyed to be the practice model!


The kids and I went to the thrift store on Saturday looking for a cane for Macy’s old lady Halloween costume.  No luck finding a cane but we had fun.

20131028-053558.jpg 20131028-053623.jpg 20131028-053517.jpg

Macy had a friend sleep over on Friday night.  They did a routine for us…many, many times.  They made up a dance to Waka Waka and I think by now I have the dance moves memorized.  Perhaps I’ll perform it tonight after dinner?

20131028-053222.jpg 20131028-053245.jpg 20131028-053314.jpg 20131028-053330.jpg 20131028-053356.jpg 20131028-053449.jpg

I thought this next picture was kind of funny.  Our house is cold at night and I turn on the fireplace in the mornings.  The girls wake up and lay in front of the fire to warm up and finish waking up before getting ready for school.


Of course Lola snuggles with Macy.


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