Thursday Thoughts


I’m linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for a Thursday Thoughts Post.

Aleeya had her volleyball party at a pizza place the other night.  I love to see my kids hanging out with their friends.  She’s definitely at the age where friendships are very, very important.  I like to see her giggle and be silly when she is with them.  And she was super fun to watch playing volleyball.  Aleeya’s the type to give it her all…tons of effort.  She has the cutest serve ever and ends up getting lots of points for her team most games.  Way to go, Aleeya!



So we are now on week 4 of the Jamie Eason Live Fit trainer.  Since I’m working out every day (minus the rest days) with a friend who also has three kids, we have to work hard to schedule everything in and I know it would be easier to not workout sometimes.  Something has “clicked” this time for us and we are MAKING it work…no.matter.what.  Sometimes we have to  change up the schedule a bit or change our scheduled rest days to work with our schedules, but we have not yet missed a workout.  And that’s impressive!  I’ve lost 6 pounds so far since October 1st.  I’m pretty darn happy about that 🙂



Macy also enjoys taking selfies in the gym mirror!


I’ve found some good high-protein shakes/bars that I’ve been eating lately.  First is the Quest bars.  I haven’t heard of these until recently, but I really like them.  So far I’ve tried the peanut butter and jelly, and the chocolate chip cookie dough ones.  The cookie dough ones are not that good…probably because I’ve eaten so much actual cookie dough that I can’t be fooled with a healthy protein bar 🙂  The peanut butter and jelly ones are delicious.  Take a look at the nutrition facts.  Where else can you get that much protein AND that much fiber??

20131018-062116.jpg 20131018-062212.jpg

Another thing I like are the Myoplex Carb Control shakes.  I used to drink these back when I did Body For Life and still really enjoy them.  They are only 100 calories and there’s tons of protein.  The chocolate fudge is my favorite.

20131018-062233.jpg 20131018-062307.jpg

And I mentioned last week about our Boss Day party that was in honor of the television show The Office.  Well, here are the gifts that didn’t arrive on time for the party but came shortly after.  The bosses loved the mugs and the Office sign is hanging on our office door (it’s just me and the two bosses in our office).  If you don’t watch that show, this will just look stupid to you.

20131018-061905.jpg 20131018-061950.jpg 20131018-062006.jpg

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing a huge cooking marathon on November 1st.  I’ve done this several times in the past…where I cook 30 meals in one day.  I KNOW!  Crazy!  And actually only some are cooked the others are prepared for ease on the day of cooking.  I’ve never documented this process before but I think I might this time around.  Seems fun and might be helpful to people who have never attempted such craziness in the kitchen.  I’m in the process of collecting recipes now and will share what I’ve come up with one day soon.

And that’s it from me…


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

    • I basically have a cooking marathon and end up with 30 meals in the freezer. I do simple kid friendly meals. I make taco meat, spaghetti sauce, enchiladas, etc. some of the stuff I do are “dump” recipes where you put everything you need for a meal in a bag and freeze it (chicken breast, pineapple, green pepper, teriyaki sauce for example). You just take the bag out of the freezer, thaw it and throw it in the crockpot. Anyway I really like to have a freezer full of food that’s either cooked or ready to be cooked.

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