Fall trees, Boss Day, Jamie Eason Week 3, Friends Movie Night

Yep…it’s four posts in one, people!  That’s what I do when I’m extra lazy.

Let’s see…first of all, I am loving the fall trees!  I only have one picture, and it isn’t even a good one, but in real life the trees were really pretty. I drove t Bryson’s last (tear!) high school soccer game of all time.  It was a two hour trip each way and the trees were absolutely gorgeous.  There was green, red, orange and yellow leaves.  Such bright colors.  Not sure why I don’t have any pictures of them.  Probably because I was driving and didn’t want to pull over to take pictures.  Although now I wish I had.


This is now Week 3 of Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer.  I’m going really well on the exercising and just ok on the eating.  Seriously time to step it up a notch (or two, or three) as far as clean eating goes.  I reported last week that I had lost 5 pounds in the first two weeks.  I am only weighing in on Friday mornings.  I will update my weight again next Friday…every other week.  I think that’s good.  Anyway, I did take a picture this week but I don’t look any different than last week…both are terrible pictures and my face looks dumb.  However, maybe there’s one less chin in this week’s picture??

20131016-113400.jpg 20131016-113425.jpg

Last weekend my friend and I had a fun movie night with our kids.  We watched Pitch Perfect (the littler girls watched a kid movie) and then we all watched After Earth. The first one was funny but After Earth is not my fave.  I didn’t care, though.  I’m really not picky about movies and I just enjoyed hanging out.

20131016-113449.jpg 20131016-113507.jpg 20131016-113528.jpg 20131016-113547.jpg 20131016-113608.jpg

Today at work we had a Boss Day party!  No one else probably even knows it’s Boss Day today…but a coworker and I both really like the show The Office and so do our bosses, so we threw an “Office” themed party. It was really fun…and hilarious!

And yes, that’s one boss’s knife in jello…and the other boss’s tape measure in jello!  Classic!

20131016-113657.jpg 20131016-113721.jpg 20131016-113741.jpg 20131016-113800.jpg 20131016-113819.jpg 20131016-113847.jpg 20131016-113910.jpg

We had funny quotes all over from the show. We even bought two gifts but they didn’t arrive on time…so sad.  I’ll be sure to get pictures of those when they do finally get here!


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