iPhone Dump

Happy Friday!

This week did not go by very fast at all.  I have been waiting for Friday all week!  Although, I do have to work tomorrow for a few hours, I don’t have to be there until 10:00 so I can have a lazy morning and sleep in 🙂

We’ve been busy getting all settled in the new house.  It’s starting to feel like home.  I really like that it’s closer to the girls’ schools and closer to my work.  Most boxes are unpacked, and if they are not yet unpacked, they never will be.  Seriously.  They’ll just sit in the garage until we move again.  That’s how we roll.

Last Tuesday was Bryson’s senior night soccer game.  That’s when all the parents of seniors walk down to the track, stand with their senior, receive flowers, the kid receives a gift bag of goodies, and the announcer tells everyone all about the kid…how long they’ve been in the school district, their future plans, their parent’s names, and special awards and special thanks. I got a nice little shout out…thanks kid!  He put on his award list “babe award four years in a row” or something to that effect.  The announcer left that part out.  Guess it was all serious and no fun and games.  But seriously, this is the only picture I got 😦  This was the cute field sign with his last name and number.


If you are friends with me on facebook, you’ve already seen these.  Last weekend I took Bryson out to take some senior pictures.  Actually, I wanted to TRY to see if they would be good enough to work.  I told him if he liked them we’d use them.  And he does like them.  He went through and chose the ones he wanted me to spruce up.  He chose some good ones, and there’s more that I’ll be choosing to print and frame, but for now, these are the ones that are ready.  He is such a handsome guy, it sure made it easy to get a good pic of him!

20131011-062438.jpg 20131011-062509.jpg 20131011-062531.jpg 20131011-062552.jpg

I don’t know why he liked this one…he’s not even looking at the camera.  But who am I to argue, right?20131011-062635.jpg 20131011-062708.jpg 20131011-063022.jpg

So I just took these off facebook but if I had uploaded them from my real camera, they wouldn’t have that weird black blocks around the pictures.

Aleeya is really growing up way too fast.  WAY too fast.  She is so sweet, funny, smart, awesome, and beautiful and she is still a pleasure to parent (usually).  I love spending time with her…even when she does weird things like writes One Direction lyrics all over her palm of her hand with her friend (see picture below).  Again, who am I to argue??

20131011-062058.jpg 20131011-063042.jpg


And then there’s Macy.  Oh my goodness, she’s a crack up.  She has decided to be an old lady for Halloween.  Works great for me.  All we had to do is hit the thrift store, spend a few bucks, and she’s ready.  She’s put the wig and glasses on almost every day this week.

20131011-062408.jpg 20131011-062347.jpg

We’ve really been taking advantage of the clubhouse in our neighborhood.  David (and I sometimes) sit in the steam room a few evenings a week, the girls and I like the hot tub.  But the most impressive part, if I do say so myself, is that I have been working out with a friend 5 times a week for two weeks now.  Seriously.  I KNOW, right?  We are doing Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer and it’s a 12 week program.  I’ve cleaned up my eating quite a bit and we have stuck to the program thus far.  Here’s a picture of my day 1 and the end of week 1.  Maybe it’s just the angle but I’m thinking my stomach is looking smaller. Thank goodness.  These are terrible pictures, but oh well.  I woke up and weighed myself today and have lost 5 pounds in two weeks.  Yay!

20131011-063119.jpg 20131011-063102.jpg

You see this chocolate ice cream taco?  We got them and thought they’d be fun for Macy and her friend, but turns out, they just taste like a taco shell that’s black.  No joke.  Didn’t even taste like chocolate.  We ate them anyway because they were so fun.


And one more picture to add, for Macy’s sake.  This is Lola…driving.  This was on our way to the new house when she got to come for the first time.  She actually liked the car ride but wanted to sit in my lap and help drive the whole time!



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