Last night in our old house

We’ve been moved in for over a week now, thank goodness! But I was going through my phone as usual and wanted to upload some pictures to my blog.

The last night in our old house was last Thursday night (or was it the Thursday before that??). Since we were renting the house and didn’t own it, I felt no real attachment to the house itself and I wasn’t sad to leave it. Probably because of the fact that we were rushed out of it and there were already work crews showing up every day to work around us.

Of course I had to snap some pictures of our last night there.






I was sad, however, about leaving my fantastic bath tub.  I even had to take a picture (OF MY FEET!) of my last bath there….farewell awesome bath tub!


And on a random side note…there’s this awesome lady at the bank that I go to every day for work that works part time for Nabisco.  About once a week she gives me a big box of snacks.  For free.  We’re talking tons of stuff, like Ritz, Oreos, Wheat Thins, Graham Crackers, etc.  Last time she gave me some, I happened to be super hungry.  She gave me two boxes of graham crackers (my favorite!) and I thought I’d head over to the grocery store to see what I could put on them.  I didn’t want just plain old peanut butter….so I bought Biscoff.  Um, have you had this?  It’s a cookie spread and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!  I should NOT buy this again as it tastes pretty good by the spoonful!

20131008-055149.jpg 20131008-055211.jpg 20131008-055231.jpg 20131008-055252.jpg 20131008-055328.jpg

I have been eying the 31 lunch totes for a while now and the other day at work, this lady showed up with one as a gift for me!  For free!  She sells us business supplies (paper, pens, printer cartridges, etc.) and wanted to say “thanks” for shopping local.  How awesome is that??




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