Washington Trip….May 2013

Since I am so very far behind on blogging I thought I’d take one chunk of time at a time and blog about it.  So I’m starting with my trip to Washington to visit family back in May.  During this time, Bryson was living with his dad for the first time and had been gone for about two months.  It was so great to spend time with him and everyone else in my family who lives there.

We all hung out at my mom’s and at my brothers.  Since I was there on Memorial Day, Bryson, my mom and I went to Gavin’s grave and brought flowers.  We spent a few hours in Kingston while Bryson was at work.

I got to meet my new nephew, Max, who was born in February.  At family gatherings, you can always find me holding that baby!

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I’m so lucky that these people are my family 🙂


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