Homecoming and other stuff

I’m behind on blogging.  Obviously.  We just moved so what do you expect??

I always take pictures with me “real” camera but never have time to upload them to my blog so I always end up using only my iPhone pictures.  One day I’m going to go ahead and just take a few hours to upload a gajillion pictures onto my blog from my computer.  For now, these will have to do.

Last week was Homecoming for Bryson.  Super fun stuff.  Macy and I worked at his soccer game in the concession stand at their Homecoming game.  We ran a tab there and ended up having to pay $16 for food that we all thought we had to have… you know, pizza, walking tacos, gatorades, pumpkin bars, tootsie pops, coffee, hot cocoa, etc.

20130930-063242.jpg 20130930-063413.jpg 20130930-063326.jpg 20130930-063304.jpg 20130930-063119.jpg 20130930-063037.jpg 20130930-063142.jpg

It was fun watching the boys run through the field and out through the giant Vandals poster.  Not sure why there’s no actual picture of them running through…I’m pretty sure I have on my camera??


Macy and I hung posters on the fence in the wind.  Not easy and not fun.  But we got them to stay…for a few minutes anyway.


Bryson’s dad sent him an electric guitar for his birthday.  That was a thrill, of course.  He bought himself an amp when he was in WA so this is perfect.  And loud.  And I’m old now so it seems extra loud.  And he plays it sometimes at night, LATE, you know, like 9:00.  I’m old.



One super cool thing about living in such a small town is the Homecoming Parade.  The high school puts on a parade and goes through town and up to the middle school and elementary school.  I work on the main strip of town, so I just had to walk outside and stand on the side of the road and watch.  I didn’t get a picture of David but I was able to get one pic of Bryson.  His soccer float went by and I almost didn’t see him but he caught my eye at the last second and I snapped a picture as fast as I could.  He’s in the middle wearing a button down shirt, hat on backwards, smiling at me, looking super thrilled to be on a float in a parade 🙂


More to come….







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