So What Wednesday

so what 2

Linking up with Life After I Dew for a So What Wednesday Post.

Here’s what I’m saying ” So What” to today…

– That I sold all my kids’ beds one week before we are actually moving and they’ve had to sleep on the floor.  I tried to “trick” them and tell them it’s fun, like a camp out.  Only problem is they are 17, 13, and 9 and can’t be tricked that easily anymore.

– That we got rid of ALL of our furniture except our bed, two dressers, and one trunk.  Got rid of most of my kitchen stuff and several truckloads of other misc stuff.

– That I’ll have to buy all new stuff when we move out of this furnished rental.

– That I am glad we have to buy all new stuff when we move out of this furnished rental.  Most of our stuff was second hand and years old anyway, it will be nice to get some new (used)  furnishings!

– That I almost cried when I had to get rid of some of my fabric that I was hoarding that I love.

– That I kept an entire trunk  load of fabric that I couldn’t part with.

– That I signed up for Diet Bet and won’t be able to win.  No way I can lose 7 pounds in the next few days.

– That I just want to go home and sleep instead of finish moving.  We are going to be in the new house tomorrow night so I’m excited, but all that last minute stuff SUCKS.  I want to throw away anything and everything that is not yet packed.

– That it might snow here today.  In September.  During our move.

– That I haven’t responded to emails lately…I will, I promise!  Today hopefully!

– That my scale is NOT going with me to the new house.  Time to stop obsessing and just relax a bit about my weight.  Sheesh, enough already!

– That tomorrow is our actual moving day and tomorrow is the busiest day at my work in a long, long time.  Work meeting at 7:00 am, statements to be mailed out, etc.  I might start drinking wine at noon tomorrow.  Just a heads up.



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