We are moving…

So…I’ve been a bit MIA for a while now.

Last Monday (a week ago today) we were told we had to move. Quickly. Really quickly. Like in ten days.

Say what?? With three kids? In a town where there are no rentals?

Long story short….the house we’ve been renting for three years was (or so we thought) going into foreclosure and would be bank owned this month. We were told by our landlord to stay and wait to hear from the bank and maybe we would even get a few months to live there rent free. But then one day (last Monday) two men (two very rude men) showed up and told us they bought the house at an auction and that they were going to immediately “flip” the house to make money so they wanted us out in ten days so they could sell it. Huh? You high? We can’t move that fast. And besides, we are no dummies, we know the law. They have to give us more time than that, up to 90 days, before they can kick us out. When David called them on that, they agreed but said they wanted WAY too much rent from us, like $400 a month more than we’ve been paying for three years.

We lucked out and actually found a place to rent and we can move in this Thursday night or Friday! We’ve been packing and cleaning like CRAZY! The house we are moving into is furnished so we are getting rid of and selling tons of our crap we don’t want / need/ don’t have room for. I’m excited about the house, it’s four bedrooms so the kids can all have their own. There’s a clubhouse in the neighborhood with a pool, year round hot tub and a workout facility.

Speaking working out..I have 7 more days to lose 7 pounds for dietbet. Hmm…maybe I should quit eating now? I thought for sure it would be easy to lose those 7.1 pounds. And now with moving…it just seems so hard (that’s what she said).

Last week Macy lost a tooth at school. That’s always ultra exciting when you are 9! She even got a cute little treasure box to keep it in!

Bryson’s birthday was last week. He turned 17! I’m old. The tradition at our house is to have birthday parties first thing in the morning, before school. Cake and ice cream for breakfast! Of course, I did get some good pictures with my “good” camera, but today I’m only uploading the pictures I have on my iPhone.



And as always, I look forward to 3:38 when I get to see cute Macy Jo walk off the bus!


Macy and I hung out at Rite Aid the other day looking at Halloween costumes.  And no, I do not have issues.

20130923-121050.jpg 20130923-121143.jpg

I have been overwhelmed with this moving thing!  Oh my goodness, it’s been days now of cleaning and purging!


Bryson, David, and I spent a long time at the storage unit getting rid of things and making room for stuff we can’t take with us to the new house.  I HATE the storage unit and found it unfair that I had to help.  The boys were thrilled when I started taking pictures 🙂

20130923-121239.jpg 20130923-121300.jpg

More pictures of Macy and Lola, the cat.  These two are inseparable.  What will I ever do if Lola doesn’t come home?  Or if a fox gets to her?  I can’t even think of it, my girl would be so heart broken!

20130923-121339.jpg 20130923-121413.jpg

Yeah, so we sold our furniture.  Couch, love seat, shelving, dining room table, all the kids beds…gone.  it’s not so fun when you don’t have a couch to sit on or a bed to sleep in….

20130923-121452.jpg 20130923-121509.jpg 20130923-121534.jpg 20130923-121604.jpg 20130923-121627.jpg

Macy, the family clown.


In the middle of moving, Macy found time to play with makeup….that’s how she rolls.




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