Random Update

I haven’t posted in a while. Life is busy, busy, busy!!

I decided to (again) just upload pics from my iPhone. It’s nice to go through the last weeks’ pictures and see what we’ve been up to…I can’t remember what I did yesterday, so pictures help 🙂

David and I took Macy to frozen yogurt the other day. I LOVE to go get frozen yogurt. I usually get vanilla (I know, boring!) and top with mini M&M’s, various candy bar chunks, some caramel, sometimes mini chocolate chips. Makes me want one right now!



Aleeya had a super fun night with her friends the other day. They had a volleyball game in Boise (two hours away). My friend, Crystal, drove down to watch the girls play (yes, I did wish I could go…so sad) and took them to the One Direction movie. They all saved up their money for a while so they would be able to go to the movie, buy the new One Direction book and the One Direction perfume! They were so excited and it was SUPER cool of Crystal to do. They got back in town at 1:00 am and Aleeya got to stay the night at Savannah’s (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!). Such exciting stuff. These girls are awesome, though, they really are.


Lola, the cat, is weird. Macy got a kick out of the way she was sleeping so I thought I’d include it in the post 🙂



Last Friday, poor Aleeya, got an expander put in her mouth in preparation for braces. She hates it, as would I. She talks funny (and I’m sure she exaggerates it since she is 13 and all) and can’t seem to eat all that well with it in yet. This is expanding her mouth, apparently, and they will put braces on in either a month or two. She has to have this horrible thing in for eight months, though! Poor girl!


What’s cuter than a little girl dancing in the rain? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She was feeling great one minute, and then the next, she had the stomach flu. Not a fun weekend for Macy Jo.





Yep, still pouting about the expander!




As David and I were walking around the grocery store last night, I looked up and noticed he was wearing safety goggles. Why is this odd? Because we were at the grocery store. And because he had not been doing any sort of work at home that would require safety goggles. And because he liked them on his head and wanted to keep them there.



And last but not least….I had yet another mammogram. However, this time they told me I am “stable” and don’t need to come back for a year. Thank goodness, these things are expensive! But look at the nice, soft, fluffy pink robe I got to wear during the appointment!




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