Senior Pictures

Since school has started, my life is now chaos.  I have one kid at each school in our town.  It’s hard enough to keep track of everything going on at one school alone.  Near impossible when there’s one in elementary school, one in middle, and one in high school!  And the paperwork from the elementary school is pure craziness.

Bryson is a senior.  When am I supposed to get his senior pictures taken?  I truly have no idea.  I personally did not have an official senior year as I chose to graduate early, so I don’t have my own experiences to look back on and learn from, so someone just tell me please.  He suggested using this picture of he and his friend (he’s on the right)…


Although I can really laugh at this, I doubt I’d be sending it to friends and family 🙂

Each morning is a bit chaotic trying to get ready for school.  Bryson goes with David since they are going to the same place and I take the girls on my way to work.  Macy, bless her heart, is always ready first.  I appreciate this fact as I don’t have to remind her about what to do…she just sweetly (usually) does it!



Last week I had a massage.  It was wonderful, although it did hurt since my back is so out of whack.  She talked me into seeing the chiropractor as my neck is apparently “out” and in bad shape.  Maybe this contributed to the 20 headaches in August?  I wish I could go back for a massage every single week.  It was heavenly!

20130910-062713.jpg 20130910-062739.jpg 20130910-062725.jpg

And what would a post be without a recent photo from Macy’s Photography?



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