Thursday thoughts


Another linkup with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  I love link ups.

I like Thursday Thoughts posts because it opens the door to just talk about random stuff disguised as an actual post topic.

I had to take Aleeya to the doctor the other day.  She is getting a ridiculous amount of headaches (like mother like daughter) and I need a referral to a child neurologist.  While there we decided to go ahead and start the HPV vaccines.  It’s a series of 3 shots so she was prepared to have her first one.  But then the nurse told us that she isn’t totally up to date on her shots and needed another Chicken Pox vaccine and another HepA (I think) shot.  Poor thing had to get 3 shots.  She hated it. She doesn’t do well in those scenarios.

20130905-054127.jpg 20130905-054152.jpg 20130905-054140.jpg

– So far I’m doing well on the Diet Bet I am doing….two days of eating in the calorie target I set for myself.  Two days is big, people!

– So we bought these delicious cheesy garlic bread chips to take camping.  At first I wasn’t so sure about how they might taste but bought them out of curiosity, and we never buy chips on a normal day…and oh my goodness, they are SO GOOD!  I should never buy them again.


– I finally dyed my hair last night.  I’ve had the hair dye in my bathroom for about a month (at least) and was just being lazy.  Well, at work the other day this lady I work with bent my head toward her so she could get a good look and said, “I just love your pretty silver hair.  It sparkles so nice.”.  Uh-huh, sure.  “I think you just like to insult people” I wanted to say.  But it did motivate me to finally dye it.  I’ve only colored my hair a few times in my life and got one of the cheaper ones this time and it turned out great.  Just like my regular color, which is what I was going for!

– Last night was back to school night at the high school.  Tonight is back to school night at the middle school.  Next week is back to school night at the elementary school.  I am a busy lady!  We are in the full swing of the school schedule.  Bryson has soccer practices and games, Aleeya has volleyball practices and games, there’s homework and shuffling kids around, making lunches and signing papers, etc.  The house is a disaster and time is going by quickly.  Here’s a couple cute pictures of David standing with all the other teachers last night at the school…the principal was introducing them.  David looks very much like a teacher with his pose!

20130905-054048.jpg 20130905-054058.jpg

– Macy went to work with me last Friday due to not being able to go on the field trip with her class.  It was a very long bus ride and she gets really bad motion sickness.  She accompanied me to the bank and wanted to pretend she was a robber with a bank bag.  Hopefully this isn’t a sign of bad things to come 🙂

20130905-054308.jpg 20130905-054323.jpg

– And now I leave you with just two of the probably 300 (seriously not kidding) pictures Macy has taken of herself in the past week on my phone.  Yes, we do get a kick out of these pictures.  Some of the ones she takes of me are nothing short of horrendous.  Oh so bad.  But she is still super cute even when her face is distorted!

20130905-054244.jpg 20130905-054229.jpg


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