So What Wednesday


Linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew for the fun So What Wednesday post.

Here’s what I’m saying So What to this week:

– That I joined a Diet Bet group.  It started yesterday.  The pot is almost $20,000!  Here’s the scoop…you sign up, pay $25, lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days, if you succeed you are a “winner” and all the winners split the pot. They make it as legit as possible and have to submit official weigh in pictures and they verify them.  I’m sure people can find a way to cheat, but it seems like a good system.  And the So What part of this….I actually signed up in TWO groups.  I had a quick impulsive moment and thought about winning twice as much…so I went for it.  And that should be real motivation.  I can’t possibly lose $50 and not lose weight.  That would make me feel like a true loser.


– I’m starting Weight Watchers for REAL today.  Seriously.  This is a must, not really an option anymore (see above paragraph).

– That I have to lose 7.1 pounds by October 1st or I’ll lose $50.

– That I can’t quit talking about Diet Bet.

– That I was so excited to sign up for another Cara Box over at Wifessionals that I stalked her blog until the sign ups were up.  Have you checked out her blog?  You totally should.

– That I can’t stop reading Runs For Cookies blog.  She is super inspiring.  And come to think of it…I ran that mile the other day after reading a bunch of her posts about starting to run.  So maybe I shouldn’t quit obsessing over her blog?

– That I impulsively called and scheduled a massage yesterday for tomorrow at 3:00.  And I CAN’T wait!  My neurologist gave me a journal to write my headaches / migraines on to see just how many I’m getting and if there’s a pattern, and if the herbal medication I’m taking is working (it’s NOT).  She said the goal is to take no more than 9 doses of either ibuprofen or Maxalt (prescription migraine medication) for the month.  Um, in August, I had to take 23 doses.  If I don’t take something I get a full blown migraine that’s difficult to treat, so I truly couldn’t take less.  I’m thinking it’s time to try something different, I just have no idea what.  So that is how I justified my massage.  I know massage therapy would help my headaches but only if I keep up with it and get them weekly.  Last I checked my budget didn’t even really have room for one massage a month…four is out of the question.

– That I discovered PB2 and seriously can’t quit eating it.  It’s powdered peanut butter. Yeah, I know how it sounds.  You add water to it and it’s magically peanut butter but without all the fat.  It is real food…just dehydrated I think.  For two tablespoons, there’s only 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat (and only 1 WW points plus).  That’s a whole lot better than real peanut butter!  I put it on toast, on bananas, on crackers, eat it off the spoon, etc.  It’s super good.  You should buy some.  Amazon has the best prices that I’ve found.



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