Friday iPhone Dump

friday d

I like Friday iPhone dump posts so I’m liking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for this one.  This was the kids’ first week of school so we’ve been BUSY and I haven’t had time to write too many posts on my blog, so the iPhone dump is a nice easy way to share our haps.

Macy found this disgusting looking spider on the outside of our house the other day.  It was hairy and everything.  I got the eeby geebies (how on earth do you spell that??) just looking it up online to see if it is poisonous.  Luckily David found it later and killed it.


Don’t you think the best part of making cupcakes is licking the batter off the spoons?  So does Macy.



Macy with the cupcakes she made all by herself.


A lot of random silliness goes on at our house………….





But, YAY!!!! Bryson’s back!!!  This is one happy mama!  Just don’t pay attention to me in the picture, I look terrible, but B looks great 🙂






I did some major dinner planning.  I planned out dinners for the entire month of September.


I even went on a jog this week.  Aleeya came with me.  She’s in much better shape than me but it was fun.  She bounces all cute when she jogs.  She had just gotten home from volleyball practice but still had plenty of energy to go with me.  I did jog a total of 1.25 miles, VERY slowly.


Macy has learned, at the age of 9, from her sister, to take a bunch of selfies.


Me and my kiddos.  Love them.


More random silliness.


Cat snuggles.




That was our week in pictures.  I took my “real” camera to Bryson’s soccer game last night so those pictures will have to come later.

It’s so great to have B back.  He was living with his dad for four months and was going to stay in WA for his senior year.  Luckily he came to his senses and realized his mama might die if he did that and he came back last minute before school started.  Whew…that was a close one!!


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