Cara Box Reveal



Last month I participated in something super awesome.  The sweet gal over at wifessionals hosts a “Cara Box” exchange between bloggers.  I had signed up a while back and completely forgot about it until I got an email from her at the beginning of August with my partners that I was going to send and receive gift boxes to and from.  I was so excited!  We spent a couple of weeks getting to know each other through email, and I have really enjoyed both of these ladies very much.

My partner that I sent the Cara Box to is Erin over at Keep Calm & Sparkle.  She is awesome and super fun.  She is pregnant with her first baby and just found out she’s having a little boy, Maverick Jes.  How cute is that name???  And she is due on Christmas Day.  She’s a girly girl to the max and that made it SUPER fun for my girls and I to shop for her.  It was easy, I knew she would love everything that I would love.  I have really enjoyed getting to know her through her blog, emails, and Instagram.  I definitely plan on keeping in touch with Erin and watch her baby grow.  You should check her blog out.  Oh, and you can see what I sent her on her blog, too.

The sweet girl that sent me my wonderful box is named Merry.  She has a new blog with the cutest name ever, Each Little Bird.  Merry is seriously super sweet.  She is a Southern girl from Louisiana and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her.  I know we will be life long email friends.  Merry and I share the same faith and we have a lot in common.  She has two adorable girls and she takes care of other kids in her home.  I can tell she is really a “woman of substance” and I’m so glad I got paired with her.

Merry really outdid herself with my box.  She is so generous and I was beyond excited when the package arrived at the post office!  She sent some really good smelling soaps and I could smell them as soon as the lady at the post office handed me the box!  I couldn’t wait to tear into it.  I took some pictures of everything she sent…

Everything was in a pretty cream colored, scalloped edged tin that had two really pretty, soft hand towels along with the following:


This candle smells divine.  It’s a great fall scent and I love it. The handmade note pad is adorable!


The great smelling soaps!  And the cutest tissue packet I’ve ever seen.


She even sent me some shoes!  Aren’t they pretty?  And she included some of her local coffee she drinks.  I’ll be trying this out this week!


She also hand wrote me a beautiful card.  I will treasure it always.


Thank you, Merry!  Your box really blessed me a lot.

This was a great experience and I’ll be signing up again next month!  Thank you to Wifessionals for putting this all together.



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