Thursday Thoughts


Another Thursday Thoughts post…linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

We watched the first episode of the second half of the 5th season (that was a mouthful!) the other night.  We don’t have cable so we got it on iTunes and had to wait until the next night to watch it.  It was worth the wait, though.  This show gets super intense.  I’m interested to see what will happen in the next few weeks as it comes to an end.  It had a pretty crazy opening scene….I like how this show opens with a scene from either the end of the episode, or another episode altogether.  If you watched this, do you think the opening scene was the end of the entire show??  Or just the end of an upcoming episode?


Since I did the Advocare 24-Day Challenge (and really liked it, too) I’ve been loving to drink Spark.  Spark has some good vitamins and some caffeine, so it’s a real good coffee substitute.  And it’s nice to drink Spark during the summer since I make it cold with ice.  However, I have been working on my budget and trying to come up with what will work for me, I can not figure out how to add Spark to my budget, at least for now.  And because I have no intentions on actually giving up caffeine altogether, it looks like I’ll be drinking coffee again. I’m not sad about this, as I do love coffee.  Wish I could have both 🙂

ZCOFFEE 20130803-175103.jpg

Speaking of budget, I’m going to be implementing the cash envelope budget system.  It’s something people have been doing forever.  Dave Ramsey also recommends this kind of budgeting.  Basically, you take your monthly expenses and the ones you can use cash for (groceries, gas, spending money, misc., savings, charity/tithe, clothing, Christmas savings, etc.) go in marked envelopes. When the money is gone, it’s gone.  I’ve done this in the past and really liked it so I’m going to give it a go starting in September.  I like having a plan and a budget and I’ve been too relaxed lately and can’t even tell you where money has gone.  That’s when you know it’s time for a budget!

On my lunch break the other day I went to visit David in his classroom.  He brought Macy with him to help him on some projects.  She got a little bit bored and taped her nose up.  This girl is hilarious.  You know how every family has the family clown?  Yep, it’s Macy.  She is so fun.

20130815-074610.jpgDavid getting ready for school to start.


I had dinner with my good friend yesterday for her birthday.  I’m blessed to have such a good friend that I can talk to about pretty much anything.  It’s important for everyone, especially moms, to get out and away from the family for a little while and make time for friendships.  Crystal and I have actually been able to get together quite often for dinner and / or drinks.  We do like to get together for crafting but that’s harder to fit in for some reason.  There’s a restaurant in our town that serves a delicious hot chicken fetuccini salad that is both of our favorites.  So it’s easy to decide where to go eat 🙂  And the bonus with Crystal is that our girls are best friends.  SUPER best friends!  Check out how cute they are (and yes, my daughter has now officially forgotten how to smile normally in a picture).  And in case you didn’t already know, my daughter, Aleeya, is the gorgeous brunette.  Her bestie, Savannah is the blond 🙂

20130815-081406.jpg 20130815-081955.jpg 20130815-081950.jpg 20130815-081944.jpg 20130815-081939.jpg 20130815-082002.jpg 20130815-082006.jpg 20130815-081359.jpg

These are really such fabulous girls.  In every way.  I couldn’t ask for more from Aleeya or from Savannah as her best friend.

I signed up for a “gift” exchange type of thing that I’m really excited about.  I don’t even remember signing up but that’s ok because I’m glad I did!  Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals does this monthly (soon to be quarterly) blogger Cara Box Exchange.  You sign up, she matches you with two partners, you get to know them and then send one a box of goodies and one sends you a box of goodies.  Oh my goodness, it’s been so fun!  I just sent out my box to my new friend Erin in Missouri.  And another new friend, Merry, from Louisiana sent out my package yesterday.  These are really neat ladies that I got to know, and I’ll definitely be doing this again.  At the end of the month everyone does a blog post showing what they got and giving a little shout out to the one who sent them gifts.  I’ll be excited to do that post at the end of August!!


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. The gift exchange sounds like so much fun! If I did one I would do bunch of local items from Central New York! Your daughter is lovely! I have been spending a bit to much money as well. I try really hard to keep my subscription box purchases to less than $100 each month-and even that is a lot. Today, I am struggling with making a purchase at baublebar-my 20% off discount expires today. I WANT to purchase-but I also already spent my budget this month: PopSugar, Naturebox, Birchbox, IPSY-
    I think I would rather have something from cultured crate or homegrown collective than baublebar. My husband and I make a point of living within our means-and I need to be more careful. We don’t have cable either (although we do have netflix and hulu for a $30/month combined cost). We also love breaking bad, and we purchase our episodes through Now that I think about it, itunes would be better since you can get discounts on itunes cards!
    Jennifer @ Mom’s Got Mail

    • The gift exchange was awesome! Local items from Central New York…that sounds fabulous! I would LOVE that!
      It’s way too easy to get carried away with the subscription boxes! We live within our means too, but it would be nice to save more. I’ve gotten down to Birchbox and Ipsy for now. I do love PopSugar, though….
      I haven’t tried hulu, but we watch a lot of netflix. I’m going to be looking for a new show to watch soon, any suggestions?
      Thanks for your comment! I love blog comments 🙂

      • We have been struggling with what to watch-hulu is only $7.99 per month and you can watch most new episodes (not AMC though). I watch alone:scandal (1st season on netflix), vampire diaries (your daughter might like that too, they are based on the books by L.J. Smith), and the HBO series Game of Thrones (haven’t seen the latest season yet, will probably check it out from the library when kids get back to school). My husband and I watch together: Hot in Cleveland (hulu for latest episodes), Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. My whole family (7 and 9 year old girls) watches Good Luck Charlie on Disney channel(through netflix) and Once Upon a Time on ABC (through hulu).

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