So what Wednesday


Yay! Another Wednesday link up with Life After I Dew

Today I’m saying so what……

-That I accidentally locked the cat in the car all night. I went out to roll up the windows last night and she must have been in there??? When I left for work she was in my car. We were both very confused.


-That I fed a can of tuna to said cat this morning because she doesn’t have food and I felt sorry for her with the whole locked in the car all night thing.

– That I went to the gym after work last night planning to do the elliptical but realized, after I got there, that i forgot my tennis shoes. So I worked out on the weight machines in my flip flops. I looked cool.

-That I’m overly excited about the Cara Box exchange that I signed up for at this blog. I’m in the process of getting to know the two ladies that I am exchanging with. I’m loving it so far.

-That I have four apples in the kitchen at my work.  I bring one every day intending on eating it for an afternoon snack .  And then I get hungry, wander upstairs, and have no interest in eating the apple.  I don’t know why.  I really do like them usually.  Perhaps I should quit bringing them with me.

-That my friend’s daughter told me she saw hair on my face the other day.  She started the conversation out telling me about some product she saw on tv that magically takes the hair on your face away.  Then she told me she saw I have hair on my face.  It was quite hilarious and she is a sweet little 5-year-old so I just had to laugh.  Only little children can tell me I have hair on my face and have it be funny.

– That I’ve been real tempted to weigh myself but I took a vow to not weigh myself for the entire month of August.  This hard for me.  Super hard.  I usually weigh myself every day.

no scale

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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