Day 10 Blog Challenge…Last Book I Read


Day 11 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge is….What is the last book I read?

I recently read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  I really liked this book and read it really fast.  I usually read a few pages of a book and then get distracted (you know, by the dishes, the kids, the husband, the cleaning, the laundry, the dinner, the breakfast, the lunch, the vacuuming, the job, etc.) and don’t usually get back to it.  This one was good form the first few pages so it was easy to keep going with it.  It’s about a girl who grew up in the foster care system.  She is evicted from her group home when she turns 18 and moves out on her own.  A loner, she lives in the park for a little while, homeless.  She loves flowers and has a gift for arranging flowers that “speak” to people, arrangements that have meaning.

It’s a good good.  I recommend it for sure.


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