Blog challenge day 9 Life Bucket List

So the question for today on the blog challenge is… What is on my life / bucket list.

Well, I don’t really have a huge amazing bucket list or anything. Maybe it’s because I’m boring…not sure. But anyway, like many other people, skydiving is on my list. I promised Bryson that I would skydive with him when he turns 18. Well, he’ll be 17 next month and now I’m thinking we should go when he turns 21!


So another thing on my bucket list is to wear a bikini one day. And look good in it. Even if its only in my own house I want to feel good wearing a bikini. It’s sort of a vain bucket list item but I don’t care.

I would also love to travel to Ireland one day. I picture super green rolling hills with sheep roaming around and old castle- like buildings. I want to stay in a cottage there and visit a local pub where everyone is friends and have freckles.

zzirelend zzirelena1

Another thing I want to do is read the entire bible, cover to cover. And I want to actually remember some of what I read too.


I know there’s more but this is all I have time for now 🙂


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