Blog Challenge Days 7 and 8

One day I’ll figure this out and actually do one post a day for the challenge, rather than two in one day.

So, for day 8, the question is: What is my dream job?

Well, my dream job would be to stay home all day and not have a “real” job. My kids are all in school, so I would be a stay-at-home wife. Which would be fabulous.

But, I don’t live in a dream world, so I probably won’t ever be a stay-at-home wife full time. I actually really love my job. I’m very lucky to have it. Sure there are days that I don’t want to go, but if I HAVE to have a job, I would pick mine for sure. My job has evolved over the past six years but when I first started I was just a part-time bookkeeper. It was a perfect schedule for me as Macy was only 3 1/2 when I started. I worked 8:00 – 11:30 ish. I worked til I was done and then went home. I now work 8:00 – 2:00 during the slower winter months and 7:00 – 4:00 in the busy summer months. I have more responsibility and I work a lot more with our customers, along with the office managing / bookkeeping. So I guess my dream job would be to work part time as a bookkeeper for, oh, say, Target. Or Nordstrom. Or Macy’s. Something like that. Don’t get me wrong, hardware stores are great….but….you know, Target would be better. Oh, and I would keep my bosses. They really are great.

Day 9, What is my biggest pet peeve.

Hmmmm… I really don’t have a lot of pet peeves. I’m sure my family would tell you differently, but what do they know. For sure the one that really comes to mind has to be messed up blakets and sheets on my bed. Drives me INSANE. David could sleep with the covers in a complete ridiculous mess, but I can not get into bed unless they are straight. And don’t just take the comforter and sheet together at once and flip them up and straighten them that way in .2 seconds. No. You have to take the covers off and start with straightening the bottom sheet, and then you add one blanket at a time so that they are all nice and even and good. Maybe if i started to make the bed every day that would help. But in my defense, David is still snoozing every morning when I leave for work. In the summer anyway.

Tomorrow’s question: What is on my life list / bucket list. Ooohh, good question!


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