Blog Challenge Day 6 and Awesome Clearance Finds!

Today is day 6 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge I’m doing.  Today’s questions is What Was My Last Random Act of Kindness.

I’d like to say I have done so many lately and can’t really think of the best one to write about, but the truth is that I had a hard time coming up with one.  I did help a friend on Friday night with some things at her house, but I did that also because I wanted to hang out with her and didn’t mind helping, so there was something in it for me also.  So that doesn’t really count.

So I’ll go with this one….there was a missionary at our church a few weeks ago (see what I mean, a few WEEKS ago) from Guatemala that spoke about her experiences there and what she plans to do when she returns.  On our way out of church I awkwardly set a check on the table where she had her Guatemala things displayed.  There was no basket or anything, so I just set it there for her.

I also gave someone at my work the second half of my avocado, even though I really wanted to eat it myself.  Does that count?

Next subject.

I ended up going to Boise by myself yesterday.  I LOVED it!  Didn’t love the two hour drive, but it wasn’t too terrible.  I woke up in the morning with a terrible migraine, worse one in a long time.  It took a while to go away, so I got going later than I had planned.  Which means I got home later than I planned.  1:00 am.  That’s right.  I’m never out til 1 am so it was kind of fun.

I went to Target, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, Shopko, Burlington Coat Factory,  the mall, and anywhere else I felt like going.  I’ve never had a whole day to myself to just shop and look at things, try things on and do whatever I want.  So it was great.  I was on a real tight budget and planned on doing a big grocery shopping trip at Winco on my way out of town, so I just shopped clearance.  Which I almost always do.  I did splurge on a few fun things for myself.

I got ALL this stuff for $124 including tax:

20130728-173158.jpg 20130728-173114.jpg 20130728-173147.jpg 20130728-173140.jpg 20130728-173104.jpg 20130728-173122.jpg 20130728-173043.jpg 20130728-173052.jpg 20130728-173003.jpg 20130728-173022.jpg 20130728-172939.jpg 20130728-173014.jpg 20130728-172928.jpg 20130728-172953.jpg 20130728-172918.jpg

With the exception of the black and white striped flip flops, I got all three of the other pairs of shoes for $10 total! The cute brown ones were $1.86. Seriously! They were all from Maurice’s at the mall. The red ones are for Aleeya. That was my first time in that store and I’ll definitely be back!

The cute soap dispensers were added just because I think they were so cute. They were on clearance at Target.

That’s a lot of stuff for $124, right??


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