Blog Challenge Days 4 and 5

Today I’m doing Days 4 and 5 of the 31 day blog challenge.  Because that’s how I am.  I already got behind.  Oh well.

Day 4…Best childhood memory.

Well, I’m super lucky because I have a TON of awesome childhood memories.  And since I can’t pick just one moment being the best, I’ll go with every single Christmas morning as my best childhood memories.  Actually, it starts at Christmas Eve.  I just remember the excitement of knowing Santa was coming.  My brothers and sister and I would stay up late and listen for Santa. I swear I  heard him on the roof one time.  I mean REALLY heard him!  All four of us would all sleep in the same room and giggle and excitement totally filled us.  My dad worked nights (7 nights a week for YEARS) and we would always have to wait until he got home to open our presents, which was total torture.  However, we could tear into our stockings first thing.  And the stockings were my favorite part!  Candy, little wrapped presents like nail polish, hair things, lip gloss, etc. And then Dad would get home around 7 maybe (it felt like noon) and every single year he would say he ran over Santa on his way home.  We knew it wasn’t true, but he said it every year and it became part of our tradition.  I can’t really even name any gifts that I remember getting on Christmas when I was little, it was just the fun of it all that I loved.  And my parents always taught us the true meaning of Christmas, so it was a celebration of Jesus’ birth first and foremost.  I now love to watch the same excitement on my own kids’ face on Christmas morning.

Day 5….Movies I never get tired of watching.

I am not the type of person who watches movies over and over, but there are a few that I like to watch about once a year, or every other year.  And for some strange reason my most favorite move, I think, is Rudy.  Oh my goodness, have you seen this movie?  I just really love a nice feel-good type of movie.  I always cry at the end of this movie.  Always.


Another favorite that I used to watch with my mom and we would laugh so hard, and now my girls love to watch it with me is Big Business.  Hilarious!


The Notebook is definitely a fave

the notebook

I love Serendipiy


And definitely on of my most favorites is Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


And I know there are more but those are probably my top five.


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