Day 3 Blog Challenge

Today is day 3 of the 31 day Blog challenge I wrote about here. Today’s questions is What are 5 things that make you happy.


1. Well, it really goes without say that family is the #1 thing that makes me happy.  My immediate family and extended family, all of them.





2. Actually, the number 1 thing that truly makes me happy is God.  And hope in salvation.



3. Slightly less meaningful, Friday nights make me happy because that means I can sleep in on Saturday!  Sorry, no picture of me sleeping!

4. Another thing that makes me very happy is seeing my kids with their friends.  I just love how their faces light up and they get all giggly (even Bryson) when they are having fun with their friends!


(of course I love it more when they don’t get themselves into trouble whilst hanging out with friends!)




5. Food makes me happy.  Sorry, but it’s true.







Tomorrow’s question:  Best childhood memory.




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