Weekend and skinny jeans

Weekend low down.

It was a good one. The girls and I went and had fro yo (again). It was delish, as always.

Aleeya babysat Molly and Murphy on Sunday and earned some mad moola. I remember the good ol’ days when I was 13 and loved to babysit to make some cash. She’s saving for some One Direction stuff…perfume, movie, clothes, etc. What a fun age she’s at.








Now lets get to the point of this blog where I tell you how awesome I am. Here’s a rundown of my exercising in the last week:

Monday 7/14/13 – Treadmill 30 minutes at gym, upper body weights on machine
Tuesday 7/16/13 – Walked the bike path for an hour and half, jogged some (I know, I KNOW!), went 4.3 miles total and burned 573 calories.
Friday 7/19/13 – Walked in the morning before work (at 5:30!) with Crystal. We went 3.5 miles and burned 450 calories, and then did another 3.5 mile walk with Ronda at night (see how awesome I am? Two workouts in one day!) and burned 423 calories.
Sunday 7/21/13 – Walked / jogged the bike path for 30 minutes, 1.8 miles and burned 220 calories. Upper body free weights at high school gym.

So that was 4 days that I exercised.  In addiction to lifting weights, I went a distance of approx 15 miles.  My goal next week is exercise (at least) 4 days and go a distance of 18 miles.  Yikes!  That’s a big goal for me.   I CAN do it!

I dug out my skinny jeans yesterday.  And by skinny jeans, I do not mean jeans that ALMOST fit but would require a stomach flu to fit into them.  No, these jeans are the ones that I MAY have been able to fit into for like a day (not kidding) back years ago.  I think I weighed like 135 at the time I could wear them and it was before my youngest was born….she’s now 9.  They are American Eagle size 8 jeans, they run small for sure.  I can’t even get them over my hips.  They don’t feel like they will ever be able to slide up my hips, let alone button and be presentable.  But I WILL wear them one day.  My goal is April 1st.  That’s nine months to get my arse in shape enough to put them on and wear them.  I will take a picture of the jeans and show you all one day.  I”m a lazy loser right now and can’t seem to muster up the energy to walk upstairs to do it.  You know, probably because of all my activity I’ve done all week 🙂


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