Friday Letters


I’m linking up with The Sweet Season Blog for a Friday’s Letters Post.

Dear Crystal, thanks for walking with me this morning.  I like starting my day out with exercise. I know you don’t have to wake up early so I appreciate you meeting me in town at 5:30.  And we burned 450 calories before our day really started so WE ROCK!

Dear Orthodontist, please don’t take forever today during Aleeya’s appointment.  I can’t miss too much work today.  And a head’s up, Aleeya is scared of the whole getting her impressions thing done.  She’s heard from her friends that its terrible and gags you.  And it does.  And she’s just all-around scared of the dentist….even for cleanings.  So good luck.

Dear pants, thank you for being loose this morning. 

Dear Bryson, I miss you.  A lot.  A whole lot.

Dear Old Navy, why one earth is it going to take over 10 days for your package to get to me?  I wanted my new workout clothes yesterday…now you’re telling me the 24th??  No bueno.

Dear Ipsy, I still love you, but you shorted me two items in my bag this month.  Not cool.

Dear Mom, I hope you had a great birthday yesterday!  You truly are the best mom in the world and I love you!

Dear Aleeya, thank you for taking care of Macy while I’m at work these past couple of days. Wish I could stay home with you girls.

Dear Macy, thank you for being so silly.  All. The. Time.

Dear David, hope you are having fun in Spokane.  Glad the basketball team is doing well.  Miss you. See you soon 🙂



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