Friday iPhone dump

friday d

I love a good iPhone dump linkup….thanks Jen!

Top left we’ve got Macy and Lola. I’ve said it a million times, but this cat LOVES Macy. LOVES her. They snuggle, they play, Lola follows her around, they are a real team.

Top right:  The girls hung with me at work today for a whle after Aleeya’s ortho appointment (middle right).

Bottom left: Me and my girl, Aleeya. 

Bottom right: Macy demonstrating how I get in and out of the car.  Yeah, it’s horrible.  I need it fixed STAT.  Who’s ever heard of a car door being locked shut???


The girls and I had a girl’s nigth out last night and went to the Pancake House.  My dinner was the top left, hot chicken fetuccini salad with honey dijon dressing.  It’s my favorite meal in all McCall!  It sounds wierd but it’s fab.  I only ate about a quarter of this, and mostly just ate the chicken and steamed veggies and a very small portion of the noodles.  I’ll be sharing the leftovers.  And um, Aleeya ate this entire plate of food (top right).  That’s a whole lot of food for little thing like her!  And Macy is always silly for a picture, even when she’s eating peaches!


4 thoughts on “Friday iPhone dump

  1. Stopping by from the link up. I love the cat snuggle pic!!!! Adorable….oh and now I am hungry from the food pics!!!! LOL!!!

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