Thursday Thoughts



I’m liking up with Jen today for a Thursdays Thoughts post.

Since I’ve gotten back into the exercising thing, I found it appropriate to order some new workout clothes.  I have, after all, been wearing the SAME thing for a couple years now.  No joke.  Same capri leggings and a few different tanks/tees.  They are not looking good anymore.  I ordered some new black capri leggings, a new sports bra, and a tank from Old Navy.  I buy cheap so I can justify it 🙂  I paid $35 including shipping, which isn’t a bad deal at all.  I’m really hoping they arrive today!

My butt is sore fro my 4.3 mile walk / jog the other day.  I kinda like being sore.  It makes me think I worked hard.  I’m walking tonight with a friend and I’m going hiking with a friend on Saturday.

I weighed in today and didn’t lose weight last week.  I did lose almost 7 pounds during the first 10 days of the Advocare challenge I’m doing.  I feel smaller than I did last week so I think there was some inches lost.  I need to keep in mind that I ALWAYS gain (or at least not lose) when I start working out. Always.  I do notice my body changing when I work out, so I need to focus on that, not the pounds!

David left for Spokane this morning for a basketball tournament. That means another girls weekend for us.  We always look forward to our “girl time!”.

It’s too flipping hot here in McCall again.  It cooled off for a bit and now it’s like 90 every day again.  I hate it.

My car door is still not fixed.  That means I get to climb into the drivers seat via the passenger door.  Yeah, classy.  Sometimes my big azz honks the horn when I’m doing the climb through.  And we are so trashy that we park it next to the deck at home so we can climb in and out the window.  Nice.  We ordered a new latch that should be here in a few days.  Luckily I work with like four locksmiths and one of them can install the latch when it gets here so we can be like normal people who can open their car door.  The latch was $175.  Yeah, it sucked to buy.  I’m starting to reconsider the whole I-hate-car-payments-and-will-never-have-them thing.  A nice new-ish car sounds pretty good right about now.  And one with air conditioning.  Yeah, I don’t have that either in the land cruiser.

Maybe you saw the CamWow post I did before this one??  Every time I look through my pictures there’s more hilarious pics on there that Macy has taken.  She can’t stop with the CamWow app.  You would think it would get old…but no, it’s just too funny.  Next time I’m in a bad mood I should look through my pics because I can not help but literally laugh out loud when I look at them.

My button fell (popped) off my capris today so that’s going to be fun all day. I tried to safety pin it shut but it snaps off every time I bend over.  Clue # one million that it’s time to really actually lose some weight for real.




2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I lost way more in the first ten days than the last 14 too. But I felt like I notified more in the last 14 days though if that makes sense???

    Did your Old Navy stuff come today??

    • Yes, I totally know what you mean! I am really able to tell a difference in the way my clothes fit. YES! And I started the day today with a 3.5 mile walk with a friend (at 5:30!) and burned 453 calories. Nice way to start the day.

      No! Old navy stuff did not come yet. And now the tracking says it will be here July 24th. I really wish I lived somewhere normal where a person could actually shop in real stores not just online.

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