Look what I found!!!!!

I found an old disc with pictures on it from years ago.  This was found in our storage unit.  I don’t even remember most of these pictures and it is such a treasure to find.  My kids have grown so much.  I can’t help but tear up when I look at these.  I do love each stage of the kids growing up years, but I really wish I could go back to these stages for a little while.  I’m so thankful I found these!!  The quality of the pictures is not very good but still so cute!

IM000668.JPG IM000671.JPG IM000656.JPG IM000649.JPG IM000648.JPG IM000646.JPG IM000662.JPG IM000639.JPG IM000640.JPG IM000641.JPG IM000642.JPG IM000644.JPG IM000635.JPG IM000625.JPG IM000619.JPG IM000637.JPG IM000636.JPG IM000593.JPG IM000584.JPG IM000589.JPG IM000558.JPG IM000559.JPG IM000556.JPG IM000398.JPG IM000287.JPG IM000288.JPG IM000289.JPG IM000296.JPG IM000402.JPG IM000393.JPG IM000285.JPG IM000235.JPG IM000305.JPG IM000126.JPG IMG00009


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