Blogs I Love

Here’s my current list of blogs I love reading daily:

Living The Good Life With Kids.  Awesome blog about a family living the Simple Life.  And the writer of this blog is a beautiful lady all the way around!  She is an amazing home-schooling mom and makes it all look so easy.

Runs For Cookies.  This blog is where I have found some inspiration to start running. And by start, I mean jogging a wee bit here and there for the past week or so.  But I will continue to read her blog and will continue to get inspiration to keep going.

Each Little Bird That Sings.  Merry, the author of this blog, is the sweetest thing.  She’s become my friend through a Cara Box exchange we did.  I love her vintage style and she is truly a sweetheart!

Ramblings Of A Suburban Mom.  This is a fun blog to read about product and subscription box reviews.  The writer, Jen, seems like a super fun girl and her boys are adorable!

Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally.  Because she is hilarious.  In a subtle kind of a way.  She cracks me up and it’s just plain fun to read her blog.

Skinny Meg.  I don’t have a lot in common with Skinny Meg but sometimes I wish I did.  She has lost a ton of weight and looks great.  She also has some super fun decor ideas that are fun to look at on her blog.

Mama Laughlin.  I think Mama Laughlin is on a lot of people’s blogs they read list.  You just can’t seem to help it, she is beautiful, funny, and says it like it is.  It’s both entertaining and inspiring reading her blog.


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