I’m back…

Ok, so it’s clearly been a long while since  I’ve written any blog posts.  To be quite honest, I’ve been having a hard time.  And until the Good Lord calls me home to Glory Land to spend eternity with Him, I will continue to have hard times so I might as well blog anyway, right?  Right.

A lot has been going on the past couple of months.  I’ve uploaded some pictures from my phone to post…and it may seem like a lot of pictures, it’s really just a small percentage of the pictures I have taken over the past couple months.

We had a nice Christmas.  Macy was in a Christmas play at our church.  She’s quite the performer, that girl.  I did take some pictures with my “real” camera but this is all I got with my phone (it’s the background set of the play).

20140217-124025.jpg 20140217-123954.jpg

Next up is Christmas.  Again, I have lots more (and good) pictures that are on my camera that I WILL one day upload to my blog.  I love the pictures of Christmas morning.  There’s nothing I love more than Christmas morning.  The gifts, the Christmas tree lights, the excitement of the kids, celebrating Jesus’ birth..I love it all!

20140217-121531.jpg 20140217-122921.jpg

We played the game Headbandz on Christmas….great family game!

20140217-121708.jpg 20140217-121654.jpg 20140217-121639.jpg 20140217-121624.jpg 20140217-121605.jpg

Macy Jo turned 10 on January 1st!  How on earth is my baby 10???  Aleeya and I took her swimming on her actual birthday and she had a party a few days later with some friends.  It was great…until one of her friends threw up on the kitchen floor at 4:00 am….that part wasn’t fun.

20140217-121856.jpg 20140217-121913.jpg 20140217-121931.jpg

20140217-121815.jpg 20140217-121803.jpg 20140217-121725.jpg

In the past couple of months we’ve had a lot of silly moments at home just hanging out….

20140217-122809.jpg 20140217-122740.jpg 20140217-122415.jpg 20140217-122211.jpg 20140217-122153.jpg 20140217-122127.jpg 20140217-122029.jpg 20140217-122011.jpg 20140217-121946.jpg 20140217-121830.jpg

A highlight of mine was my brother, Ian, coming to visit and staying a couple weeks with us.  He’s the funnest guy you’ll meet and it was so very refreshing to have him here with us.  I looked forward to coming home from work every day so I could hang with Ian.  Just what I needed since I miss my family so terribly.

20140217-122355.jpg 20140217-122339.jpg 20140217-122255.jpg 20140217-122228.jpg

There was some hanging out with friends during the past couple months and a lot of hanging out with our family.

20140217-122327.jpg 20140217-122310.jpg 20140217-122239.jpg 20140217-122139.jpg 20140217-121458.jpg 20140217-121438.jpg

There was some basketball and some hair curling…

20140217-123116.jpg 20140217-121333.jpg 20131219-131014.jpg 20140217-122040.jpg 20140217-122543.jpg

There were some HUGE flakes of snow…8 deer passing by on the street and Valentine’s Day…

20140217-122611.jpg 20140217-122556.jpg 20140217-122448.jpg 20140217-122431.jpg

More silliness…cake pops…and a trip to the dentist for a crown (poor Linae)….

20140217-122100.jpg 20140217-121358.jpg 20140217-121344.jpg 20140217-122711.jpg

There was an 8th grade winter formal…a beautiful scarf Aleeya bought me with her own money…and a sweater purchased so I could have one like my friend, Merry (HI MERRY!  I bought a pretty bird sweater on Modcloth, too!).

20140217-123055.jpg 20140217-123037.jpg 20140217-123016.jpg 20140217-122955.jpg 20140217-122638.jpg 20140217-121415.jpg

Ok…for now I guess that’s all our news.

For some reason I only have two pictures of Bryson on here…one with a silly Headbandz game on his head and the other with a “fat face” and a mustache.  Girls are MUCH easier to take pictures of because they actually like it!

My first 5K

I’m not kidding when I say it’s been FREEZING here!  The kind of cold that makes you cough when you breathe in real hard through your mouth.  The kids at the elementary school have had to have indoor recess for a few days because it’s too cold to go outside….and these kids go out in very cold temps and snow usually.  I wish it would snow, a bunch.  The snow would actually warm things up so I’m all for it at this point.

20131209-061042.jpg 20131209-061021.jpg

Negative 11 degrees.  I wasn’t kidding, it’s been COLD!

Since my sister and I have committed to each other to run a half marathon together next October, I figured I should see how far I could actually run at this point.  I know I don’t need to start my actual “training” yet since it’s so far away, but I do know I need to be able to run/jog at least 3 miles before I can even think about finding a training program to get prepared for a half marathon.  Let me preface this with I’ve NEVER been a runner.  I despised running, and still do a little.  The farthest I’ve ever run is one mile and that’s been twice in my adult life, and I thought I might die both times.  I’ve been working out very consistently since October 1st and I’ve been doing  a lot of treadmill workouts where I walk and then jog, walk and then jog, etc. without paying attention to how long or far my jogging was.  I’ve been doing the bicycle, elliptical and even stair climber.  And I’ve been enjoying cardio….for the first time ever really.  I’ve been feeling stronger and in much better shape than when I started and I know that helps a lot.  So yesterday I thought I’d go and get on the treadmill and not stop until I reached 3.1 miles and see how long it took.  To my surprise, I jogged the entire first mile and felt ok the entire time.  I was gong SLOW, mind you, I set the treadmill to just 4.7.  BUT, it was still jogging.  I stopped after one mile for about .10 mile and then jogged again until 1.5 miles and walked again for like .05 miles and then went another half mile, etc. until the end.  I finished in 41.58, which is so not impressive for anyone other than me.  I only walked .25 total miles in all of it and I felt like a rock star after.  I was going to try to work on beating that time but I think I’ll actually just work on going farther and farther and not worry about speed, since I have to work up to 13.1 miles, I’ve got a LONG ways to go!

20131209-061148.jpg 20131209-061126.jpg

When I came home from the gym I wanted to do something Christmasy and festive with the family.  We all agreed on making muddy buddies and making gingerbread houses.  It was really fun. All five of us did it together and we had a great time!  We may not be artists, but it was great family time :)

20131209-061523.jpg 20131209-061259.jpg 20131209-061236.jpg 20131209-061219.jpg 20131209-061204.jpg

I love looking through my phone and seeing the pictures that the girls take of themselves.  It’s usually Macy taking all sorts of pictures, but I found these cute ones Aleeya and Macy took together while David and I were out to dinner last night.

20131209-061440.jpg 20131209-061419.jpg 20131209-061355.jpg

Such cute girls!!!

Christmas Tree

What a lazy weekend we had here.  I’m not complaining.  I love having absolutely nothing to do on my days off.

I met a friend at the gym on Saturday and the girls wanted to come with me.  I ended up doing 60 minutes on the various cardio machines.  Aleeya stayed on the treadmill the entire time, mostly walking with a little bit of jogging.  Macy sat on the bike  and watched tv for a while and then she also got on a treadmill.  Since she broke her arm at this very gym on machines, we are all leery of her using any machine, but I let her walk very, very slowly on the treadmill.

20131202-060548.jpg 20131202-060605.jpg

We went out and got our Christmas tree on Saturday.  I will have to upload some pictures from my real camera, it was so gorgeous out where we were went with the snow and all.  For now, these pictures will have to do.  The girls are always great for taking pictures but the boys, uh, not so much.  I literally have to snap a picture of Bryson as he is walking by when he doesn’t even know that I’m taking his picture.  Brat.

20131202-060727.jpg 20131202-060638.jpg 20131202-060701.jpg 20131202-060747.jpg 20131202-060816.jpg

And here’s a picture of our tree.  I’m too lazy to get up and take a picture from a better angle, so this will have to do :)


The other day I walked into Macy’s room and she had completely surrounded herself with her books.



Why is she so cute?  Just look at her little face.

So it’s now December.  I’ve been working out steadily and consistently since October 1st.  I feel stronger and feel much better when I am working out, I can definitely do more cardio before I feel like I’m dying.  But my weight hasn’t changed much.  Only a few pounds.  So I think it’s time to watch what I eat…duh!  I’m going to start weight watchers again today.  If you know me, you know I’ve started weight watchers 14 million times.  I know the program inside and out, and even though I haven’t done a good job sticking to it, I do believe it’s an excellent program.  As I’ve heard many Weight Watcher people say, “The program works if you work the program.”  Here’s to day 1…again.

Fitness Friday

I guess I haven’t posted in a week.  Oops.

I woke up and went to the gym this morning before work. I figured it was a good idea after all the Thanksgiving eating I did yesterday.

I didn’t take one picture of Thanksgiving this year.  I’m not sure why.  It was a lazy day at home with just my little family.  I missed my family a lot and felt sad that I wasn’t with them at my sister’s house.  Growing up we always had loud holidays with lots of laughing and some chaos, even if it was just our family.  I feel comfortable and at home when there’s lots of conversations going on, a lot of laughing, kids playing, etc.  My family is pretty quiet.  We are probably pretty boring, which I’m ok with all other days of the year, but on holidays…I wish there was more noise.  I didn’t even start cooking yesterday until 2:15 and was at the store at 1:45 getting the rest of the ingredients I needed for mashed potatoes and homemade rolls.  I bought a turkey breast since I usually throw away a lot of the bird anyway, and we also bought frozen pies, which I’ve never done before.  It was a nice change.

Anyway, back to my workouts.  David got me an amazon gift certificate for my birthday and I bought some fun stuff.  My two favorites are my new fancy bright blue New Balance running shoes. I love them.  The other is a Polar heart rate monitor watch.  It has a chest strap that I wear under my shirt and it gives me a super accurate reading on my heart rate and calories burned during my workout. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time.

20131129-084036.jpg 20131129-083943.jpg

Aleeya even wanted to get up with me and go to the gym this morning!  We met Crystal and Savannah there so while Crystal and I did the cardio machines, the cute little girls did their own workout.

20131129-083905.jpg 20131129-084123.jpg

So here’s my breakdown of the last week:

Saturday – Treadmill 45 minutes, burned 350 calories

Sunday – Treadmill 58 minutes, burned 554 calories

Monday – something but I can’t remember??  Oops…should have written it down.

Wednesday – am workout before work, one hour cardio machines (treadmill, stair machine, bicycle and ski machine), burned 430 calories

Friday – am workout before work, one hour cardio machines (treadmill, stair machine, bicycle, and ski machine), burned 430 calories.

Oh, and by the way, I can run (well, slowly jog) for about five minutes at a time at a rate of 13:30 minute mile….and I’m going to run a half marathon with my sister next October!  I have a LONG WAYS to go to get ready but I feel better and stronger with each workout and I WILL GET THERE!

Fitness Friday

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I’m 37 today.  It’s been a great day so far.  I took the day off work and spent the day at home…alone.  It was wonderful.  I did go to the gym right after I brought the kids to school and did a 30 treadmill workout.  I didn’t work my very hardest but I did burn 260 calories.

I thought I’d start a Fitness Friday post every Friday and give a break down of my workouts for the week.  I’m thinking it will help give me accountability.  And it will be nice to look back and see my progress.

I did workout four times this week:

Saturday: Treadmill walk/jog, 30 minutes, burned 250 calories.

Sunday:  Upper body strength training.

Monday:  Treadmill walk / jog, 30 minutes, burned 275 calories

Wednesday: Treadmill walk / jog, 30 minutes, burned 300 calories

Friday: Treadmill walk / jog, 30 minutes, burned 260 calories.

I worked on increasing my calories burned (not today thought) and did that by increasing the amount of jogging time and increasing the incline during my workout.  I really like to see how many calories I’ve burned.  And it gives me a good goal to work toward each time.



Some progress pictures.  I’ve only lost 6 pounds since October 1st but I do feel smaller.  And my “skinny” jeans are now fitting.  They are still tight but they are wearable in public.

It was freezing cold today and that made it hard to get out and go to the gym.  I was glad I did though and the scenery outside was gorgeous with the sun shining on the snow!

20131122-163635.jpg 20131122-163622.jpg 20131122-163608.jpg

Yesterday my work threw me a little birthday party.  I was surprised as I’m usually the one who does the birthday stuff.  The girl who did it all knows I’m watching what I’m eating so she brought in veggies and fruit instead of cake.  I was thankful for that :)


So What Wednesday



Here’s what I’m saying So What to this week…

That I am loving the tea I ordered from David’s Teas.  I had no idea loose leaf tea is that much better.  I love the Red Velvet Cake and the Salted Caramel flavors best.

That I’m already over the snow.  It’s been here, what, a week or so?  And I’m ready for no snow.  Or at least not this terrible slush we have going on. Either rain or snow, not both in the same few days.

That I got in my head I want to become a runner.  I have always loathed running but at the same time really want to be a runner.

That I was over the moon this morning when the scale said I lost 1.2 pounds this past week.  Finally.

That getting snow in my shoe puts me in a terrible mood.  I am not ready to wear big chunky snow boots every day and the snow gets in my slip on shoes and every time it happens I almost cry and want to throw a fit.  Oh, and snow up my coat sleeve from brushing it off my car, super not cool.

That I could eat biscoff spread every day.  But can’t buy it because I would eat it every day.

That I am happy every day that I have dinners in the freezer that are ready to throw in the crock pot or the oven.  Although I get off work around 2:30 or 3:00 and am home to make dinner every night, I don’t usually want to make dinner when the time comes so having frozen prepared meals makes it so much easier!


Dessert Teas and Whatnot

I should be sleeping.  It’s past my bedtime.  Everyone else is sound asleep.  Poor Aleeya had a migraine after basketball practice so she came home and immediately fell asleep in my bed.  She came downstairs at 7:00, after we had all eaten dinner, she was in her robe and walked into the kitchen and poured herself a bowl of cereal.  I said, “Aleeya, why are you having cereal?  Dinner is on the stove.”  And she said in a confused voice, “is it night time or something?”  She totally thought it was morning!  Now that’s a good nap, when you wake up and think it’s morning but it’s still evening.  I remember that  happening to me a time or two when I was young.  So funny.

Bryson fell asleep before dinner, right when he got back from bball practice and I haven’t seen him since.  He was exhausted.  I’m not sure what’s going on with all the sleepy heads in my house, but I’m wide awake.  Never been more awake, in fact.  Not convenient since I have to be up early.

Want to know why I’m still awake?  It probably has something to do with the fact that I drank about 5 cups of tea today.  Yep, I did that.  I ordered some flavored dessert teas from David’s Teas after hearing such great things about it and ended up sampling everything.  I didn’t even think about the fact that they are not decaf teas.  I ordered four different kinds and they sent out three samples too.  And oh my goodness, this tea is delicious!  I put a tiny splash of nonfat half and half and a tiny amount (like 1/4 teaspoon) of truvia in it.  I also tried some plain and it was all good.  My favorite was the red velvet cake.

20131118-225543.jpg 20131118-225559.jpg

Let’s see, what else can I talk about since I have nothing else to do right now…..Saturday we went to a wedding.  This was not our normal Saturday evening as I haven’t been to a wedding in years.  Seriously years.  The bride was a former student of David’s and we thought we should go.  They got married at one of the ski resorts here in our town and it was gorgeous up there!  It snowed heavily the day before and the morning of the wedding and it made the scenery so pretty.  The wedding was huge.  I bet there were at least 400 people there.  The bride must be about 21 or 22 and most of the attendees were very young also.  I have never seen so many high heels worn in icy snowy conditions before. I had never in my life seen so many fake eyelashes.  Wow, almost every girl had them on.  And I know I’m old now because I was looking at all these young girls just thinking they must be cold in their teeny tiny little dresses and no coats.  And there were two girls in the whole place in jeans.  I was one of them.  “Of course you can wear jeans to a wedding, Linae.  It’s in the mountains in  Idaho and it’s going to be casual” says David.  Mmm hmmm.  Right.  NOT.  I had nothing else to wear but some kinda tight jeans and boots.  It wasn’t ideal.

Anyway, we got a good pic or two of the outside of the church.  The wedding wasn’t in this building but it was so beautiful I had to take a picture.  It was prettier in real life.

20131117-220218.jpg 20131117-220238.jpg 20131117-220254.jpg 20131117-220330.jpg

And this was the pretty drive up there.


We ditched the reception.  I was in an ugly outfit and felt frumpy and David was too nervous to with so many former students around so we took off and went on our own little date.  We went to a restaurant in town that has a huge open fire in the middle of the bar area where you can sit and feel the heat from the flames from your table.  It was warm and cozy and a lot of fun.

20131117-220346.jpg 20131117-220526.jpg 20131117-220506.jpg 20131117-220404.jpg This ski lift chair is pretty cool.  Don’t know if you can see it in the picture, it was pretty dark in there.

Still not tired so I think I’ll go on….

The girls and I had a girls night on Friday.  They wanted me to stay up all night with them.  By midnight, who was the only one awake?  That’s right, Mrs. Cool herself.  The girls both fell asleep and I was awake.  So there, I’m not old!  We watched movies, visited, laughed.  Macy and I put on a peel-off mask.  It was black, which was weird.  And my face is far too hairy for peel off masks.  It hurt taking it off!

20131117-215951.jpg 20131117-220007.jpg 20131117-215932.jpg

We couldn’t smile.  Our faces were too tight.

Friday afternoon I went to a restaurant with my friend and Macy and my friend’s daughter.  We got the usual, hot chicken salad.  My most favorite meal in my town!


I made some workout no-slip headbands and tried one out on Saturday.  It didn’t slip at all.  I’m awesome.


Let’s see….oh, my oatmeal.  I’ve been making a delicious breakfast.  Oatmeal, pb2 powder (powdered peanut butter), and 1 tablespoon mini chocolate chips.  It’s only 265 calories and very filling.  And the other picture is one of my frozen meals, mexican stuffed shells.  It was really good!


It  is fully winter here now. Saturday morning when I woke up it was like a blizzard.  I’m not kidding, blizzardy.  I tried to take a picture but you can’t tell how much it was snowing.


Ready or not, winter’s here.

And now I’m done. Goodnight.